Transition from CreditCheck to Experian: opting out

I understand that CreditCheck is no longer available through the USAA website. I kept it because it was convenient to see at a glance with all of my other banking information and I felt the price for the service was fine enough. However, I currently have zero desire to go to yet another website, and most likely pay at least twice as much, to view and maintain information about my credit score. I have a credit check service available through another local bank, so unless Experian is going to honor the same monthly costs that I was paying through USAA, I do not want the service at all anymore. How can I assure that I will not be billed for that service going forward? I do not want my bank card/account to get hit and THEN have to deal with it retroactively.


Dear @cromanoski87


I appreciate your feedback about CreditCheck Monitor. I understand the inconvenience of having to access another site for this information. Please note the price will remain the same at the time of transfer to Experian. You can cancel CreditCheck and/or CreditCheck ID & Monitor service through USAA until Nov. 14. After that, your account is immediately switched over to Experian, and you will need to cancel through them.- Jesse 

I'm happy to hear the pricing will be honored (at least for the initial transition period), however why bother mentioning the date for cancel/access through USAA when it's past that point by at least a week now? Perhaps consider updating your copy/paste responses. I have searched my e-mail, phone app, and website notifications and never recieved a single message about the transition. If I had, I would have opted out preemtively and canceled ahead of time; now, I guess I have to create an account with in order to cancel something I didn't even sign up for?

Hi @cromanoski87, thank you for providing some additional information of your experience. Experian contacted customers via email at the end of October with additional information, so you should have received an email directly from Experian around that time. Some members reported it being delivered directly to their Junk or Spam folder. As you already have an existing account, you should already have a log in established through Experian in order to cancel these services. I've shared your feedback with the appropriate team here at USAA for review as well. Thank you. ~Holland

Why is USAA NOT offering a link to Experian as was before?  Seems like that would smooth a few ruffled feathers with your customers.