Today around 10:00 AM I attached my outside bank accoun to my USAA bank account. Once it was verified I did a transfer from my USAA checking account to my Regions checking account. After 15 minutes of not seeing the funds in my Regions account, I checked my USAA account to see if I had missed a step but I had not. The funds had been debited from my USAA checking account but had not made it to my Regions account. So I called Regions and they advised they did not see a pending transaction from USAA. I begin a chat with USAA rep Darlene, who told me that it can take up to 3 business days for a transfer. I told her to then cancel it, she stated she cant do that.I asked her to reverse it, she says she can't do that. So USAA took the money out of my account ( which was for my light bill) but didnt't do anything with it. I have to wait 3 business days to access my money. I asked to speak to a supervisor 3 times and would you know Darlene explained to me 3 different times 3 different ways that nobody can help me and I would have to wait up to 3 business days. She failed to get a supervisor but after the 3rd time she did offer a supervisor. So I CALLED and spoke with a nice gentleman who basically told me the same thing as Darlene but I do not understand how in 2019, with all the technology in the world, it's FASTER for me to physically go to an ATM and withdraw money from USAA and make the deposit to my Regions account. How is it that USAA can do nothing but wait with me for up to 3 business days to do anything? So I express my frustration and ask for a transaction number which i was given . I called Regions with the transaction number from USAA and guess what, no transaction number or pending balance from USAA. Im FURIOUS! The only benefit I have with this account is a I get paid a day early. I have been with USAA since 2013 and I will be closing this account. They have no local branches in South Florida and clearly their technology is still in 1988. 


@Neeciep, I understand that you have concerns about the processing timeframe for an electronic funds transfer. I realize this has been a frustrating experience for you, and we'd hate to lose your business. I'm sharing your post with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

Hi. Sorry to say this, but bank to bank transfers take this long always, they also said up to 3 days, expecting a bank to bank transfer in 15 minutes is not realistic at all and in no way the fault of USAA, nor does it differ from anywhere else. Most likely it’d be a day or two, once you got it set up. What made you think that you’d set up an account and then it’d be 15 minutes?

Have you heard of Zelle? It's instant if Regions supports it.


Personally, I wire tranferred my money to my external bank at 7AM. It was in my other account within 3 hours and not 3 days.

If I'm not mistaken, USAA charges a $20 fee to wire money to another bank or institution.

@Dinglesan, You are correct. There is a $20.00 fee for outgoing Domestic or International wire transfers. International wire is a total of $45.00, Thank you. ~ Suzy 

Agreed.  Over the years I've transferred money from my USAA accounts into three different banks.  Once the transfer protocols are established money is debited from the USAA account almost instantaneously upon request.  Just when it shows as a credit at the receiving bank depends on the day and the time or the initial request.  Wells Fargo routinely takes 2-3 days whereas Bank of America often shows a credit the following business day.  That being said, never does a transfer show at the receiving bank on the day of the request.