Transfers Between USAA Members

Why is transferring funds to other USAA members as annoyingly cumbersome as transferring funds to other banks? It doesn't make sense that it's the same process.  There was a time (before Zelle I guess) when transferring funds to other USAA members took seconds.  Does USAA's partnership with Zelle prevent easy transfer between USAA members? Is USAA handcuffed by Zelle?

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Too many people giving out their login information and allowing free rein on using Mobile deposit and then transferring funds that don't exist from the fake check that someone promised funds from. Doing transfers through the fund transfer system even though in some cases take longer to arrive at the external account is still the safer way than Zelle, cash app, and Venmo and PayPal. When you transfer using one of the other services Your transfer is pretty much final and if you make a mistake you are pretty much out of your money if you transferred to someone you don't know. You try to dispute it you must realize that your dispute in the eyes of the bank with the service you used not the person who received your money. You give your info out for account takeover you took part in the scam that ripped you off causing your loss to you and the bank. Not saying this is your scenario just stating why it is more time and energy to transfer safely.

Hello and thank you for contacting us to share the difficulty you are experiencing while attempting to transfer funds to another member. Per our compliance guidelines when you add an account you can only deposit to such as another member's account, that account will be available for use within the next 3 Business Days. If you need to transfer funds immediately, please consider using an alternative solution such as Zelle. I will also forward your feedback to the appropriate department for further review and consideration with our future enhancements to our services. Thank you!

Yes, I agree with the OP.. I just attempted to do a USAA to USAA transfer, my checking to my wife's checking, and it was not an intuitive process. First of all, the only button on the USAA interface (app and web) to add an account for transfer is labeled, "Add A Non-USAA Account". You will not find an equivelant "Add A USAA Account" anywhere.. nore will you find any documentation on USAA about transfering USAA to USAA. .. The interface programers should change the button to read, "Add Internal or External Account." Then, the next screen should ask: "Is this an internal USAA account or an external non-USAA account?" and go from there. .. I used the flawed interface to add the internal account, but I had no way of knowing if it worked or was even allowed.. I had to call USAA customer service and verify that using the "Add a Non-USAA Account" interface was the proper way to also add an internal account. She said it was, agreed that it was a problem area, and advised it would take three days for the internal account to be added to my list of available transfer accounts. .. This should be fixed.

@gvmelbrty, Thank you for that feedback about internal funds transfers. I have your info here and have already forwarded your feedback. ~Tom