USAA failed to process my recurring transfer. I found out when checks didn’t get paid. The live chat person said I needed to phone for assistance, but I can’t reach a live person to help me, and the automated service is no help.  As soon as I get this sorted out, I’m transferring all my funds to Navy Federal. This is no way to run a bank. 


@DougPO, I understand you have a concern regarding a transfer that did not take place. I can see how this has caused an issue for you and you are seeking further assistance. Our call center will be available later this morning from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. CT. I will also send your post to the appropriate team for additional review. I apologize for any inconvenience this matter has caused. - Rhonda 

@DougPO, At least you won't have to worry about waiting for customer service to open. They're available 24/7 and have better products, services and products. Don't let the competitive rates argument sway you to avoid at looking at other alternatives. I left USAA Banking three years ago after 33yrs. Their time came and went years ago, and the new leadership will never have a clue how it was a long time ago. Hope things work out for you. 👍