Transferring Money from different USAA accounts


My brother and I have separate USAA accounts. Is there an easy way to transfer funds to and from each other?




You can transfer money to anyone with a USAA account. On the mobile app go to transfers select the account to transfer from then click on the right tab "pay someone" you can use their name and phone number to transfer the funds. Hope this helps.
Do you know if there is a fee? Secondly, can you make the transfer reoccurring?
There is no fee and transferring to any USAA account is instantaneous.
Can you make the transfer reoccurring (I.e., monthly)?

Yes you can make a transfer to automatically reoccur each week, month, or year. When you go to set up the transfer it will provide you with the option for a one time transfer or a reoccurring transfer

Please give one of our member service representatives a call at 800-531-USAA or by using the CONTACT US on Thanks!

I'm not sure buddy, but I'm sure you can ask customer service how to set that up.
I do not see the "pay someone" button.