So i recently deposited a check that was imediately transfered from one of my accounts to another so that my sister could use it. In the first account i had $30 and i deposited $90. So when i transfered it over to the other account, i should have $30 left, right? Well, I just checked my account again and i saw that there was a "deposit debit correction" and it showed that i'm now $60 under. This isn't right at all and i'm super confused why there was a "correction"!


Has anyone else been through this? I know i need to call USAA but i want to know if it was easy to get this mistake corrected.  That $30 was for school and I really need that money back as soon as possible.


from a worrying college student.


Dear Dean,

I wanted to check in and make sure this was resolved. Thank you!