I started a 529 with another company. Can I transfer these funds to a USAA 529?


Click on 'My Account Tools' at the top and select 'Transfer a non-usaa investment'.  That should get you started.  You will probably have to fill out a form(s) with the originating establishment too.  Good luck.

I know that some 529s have limitations. The one I signed up for is Texas only. Do I have the same constraints? I suppose I should just call, but thought I could do a little research beforehand, but I haven't found much information. Thanks for the tip!

All MOST-529's are state specific but can be transferred to another investment account without penalty.  That being said, you can't transfer a lot.  For example, here in Missouri we are limited to 1 transfer per year.


I bet there is a 'transfer' section on your current institution's website that will outline the rules and procedures.  :)