Transaction details for previous Official Check Requests

Hello USAA,


I would like to know how to receive the record of an Official Check Request I made last year, or really for any Official Check Request I previously made. I cannot find the option on USAA or in my account documents. I do NOT need tracking information because I know it was paid.


What I would like is something I can show the IRS if audited since the check I requested is a rental expense on my tax return. In my checking account history, the transaction shows up as "OFFICIAL CHECK REQUEST" and provides no details of where it went or whom it was paid to. Ideally, it would be nice if these transactions would show up simlar to regular checks I have written. These are scanned in and there is an image showing exactly whom is was paid to. It seems that since the information is entered electronically on a secure USAA account page, it could easily be added to the transaction details.


Is there anyway USAA can provide this information? This would be beneficial for other users as well, not just me.




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Hi MatthewH,


I am looking into this for you now. I will post once I have more details, thank you.



Thank you for having a representative contact me right away. I completely realize that you are not responsible for the Official Check Request feature yourself. You are just faciliting an avenue for me and other members to ask questions and/or bring up concerns.


However, my question has now turned to a concern. I am disappointed that after 10 days of periodic phone calls from a friendly representative that I still haven't received a detailed record (showing at least the recipient) of the two official checks I requested from April 2015. I have been told my documents would be available online in my account to review, but they were not. I brought this to the representative's attention a few days ago after a follow-up call telling me a record of the checks had been located. He said they were actually mailed to me instead but would make them available online within the hour. Four days later, they are are still not online.


I did however receive a copy of "a" check in the mail today. The disturbing part is that it was not mine, but from another USAA member's account and even for an entirely different amount than what I stated! This is unacceptable. Furthermore, this was the only copy of a check in the envelope, not even the two I requested. The adhesive on the envelope was barely activated on the evelope that it came open. Maybe the actual copies of checks I requested were in there and fell out??


When I pay $5 to use the feature for USAA to mail an Official Check to someone (even more for expedited delivery times), most of the details go off into a black hole except for the amount and the date. 


For the time being, I will no longer use this feature until USAA enhances/fixes the capabilites. 




Dear Matt

I confirmed with a banking specialist that both check copies were posted Friday 2/18 (please let me know if you cannot see them online). We are also looking into the other check you mistakenly received. Thank you