Hi, I'm loving the ability to view non-usaa accounts, set a budget, and track expenditures. BUT, many of my entries are "uncategorized" when I'm in "track money." I have tried to manually change the category to what the entry should be multiple times, on multiple log-in sessions, and on multiple days. It never saves. Is this a common problem and is there a fix? I didn't see an answer anywhere so I apologize if this has already been addressed. Thanks.


Hopefully this is my last question! Why does my budget not popluate with my income and expense information? I set up a budget, but now it's not pulling information from my income and expenses so it still shows I have all the money left for each category, when I definitely do not.



Thank you for your questions. I am tracking down an answer to the category question, but in the mean time, here is the workaround to get the tool to populate your income and expenses (there is a known issue the team is working to fix)



  1. Go to My Budget tool
  2. Click on Edit Budget
  3. Click on “Spending Accounts to Track”
  4. Select the required Account and click on “Continue to Personalize Budget
  5. Click on “Save your Budget” button.

Thank you!

That worked! As soon as I get the answer about categories the tools should fit my needs!

Do you have any updates on how I can get my categories to stick or save after I change them?