I got divorced called to change polices and he didnt drive only me but i had to take his name off. Bill dropped quite a bit. I was always billed on my card. Set up direct pay(what a mistake) they took out for cancelled account and new account and now they say they camt give me the money back cuz they have to ask him if ok. He is gone doing drugs somewhere i dont know thats why i left him. So mind you i get$1044 a month to live on they took $125 for new policy(thats ok) but also $300 on old policy that was cancled a month ahead of time and paid up. And they say they need to talk to him! I cant even. But than they said if we can see if he is not on your card we can. Well they said cant get through to your card so we will asume its a federal card and he is not on it. But since account is closed we cant see that they took it out and cant give it back to me. ARE THEY FOR REAL!!!!! And my card is a direct express and believe me there are no real people there to dispute payments and im struggeling. Im happy im divorced and god help him but he made more than me so i need every little bit a can to survive. And couldnt even pay rent this month.


Hello @Dawnzey, I am saddened to hear about your divorce and the billing issues that recently happened.  Please know we certainly understand your frustrations and concerns, I have forwarded your experience to the appropriate area to further review your situation.  We appreciate your membership and patience while your post is being reviewed.  ~Marco