My sons girl Friend wired her rent to me. USAA charged her $20 and me $15 to recieve her wire. That is enough for me to tell her to stop banking there. I am a member and so is she but I do not bank there and never will.


@Make68, I regret your frustration with the Wire Transfer experience you had. I've located your information and will engage a subject matter expert to review further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. 

I'm sorry but every bank charges for wire transfers. For sending and receiving. And their policies are quite clear on that matter. But I'm curious why you would use a wire transfer to begin with. USAA offers Zelle. Which is a money transfer service that is used by majority banks in the country. This allows you to transfer money for free to and from USAA members plus friends and families with other Banks. But USAA is hands down the most reasonable bank in all honesty if you called, they'd probably reverse your charges. 

I have setup with USAA to allow transfers to my son's account and regulary move

birthday, Christmas,etc gifts directly from my checking account to his. No costs.

I set this up years ago, so i'm not sure of the exact way that it is done, but I

just have to do a normal funds transfer. I'm sure one of the phone support

people could get it done.


Thanks for commenting @RichLJ !