To Be Fair, I Think There's Hope

On Monday, I received a call from David, representing the CEO's office.


For the first time, in a long time, someone listened and made some tangible changes. David and I did not agree on everything and that's truly okay, but he listened, stood his ground where he was convinced I was wrong (I have no problem with that; in fact it's a good thing) and made good on his commitment to help where he could.


USAA reps need training! The third party hirelings don't care and you can tell the difference between them and someone who loves working for USAA.


Thank you, David!


And thank you USAA management for striving to keep people like David so we customers can just do our banking and keep our families well-cared for.

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@Nickname28, thank you so much for the update on your case. We are happy to hear David was able to help where he could.  We value your membership and each experience that you have with us.  We will certainly pass this feedback along for David as well as management, to review.  We appreciate you taking time to send this in today.