This tool is gimmicky and not indicative of USAA's usual quality

I have to second the comment re: this being a joke. I estimated our total housing expenses at $1,000 a month because of what we pay in insurance and taxes and I got a low score on "Household Expenses" and a robotic recommendation that I pay down our consumer debt. Nowhere did I indicate that we had any! This exercise may have value for young people---I would recommend it to my 20-something kids as quickie overview---but recommendations such as "get life insurance on your spouse to protect your kids" are not relevant for those of us nearing retirement who have limited obligations. You can do better, USAA!


I second the previous reply. Tried to use this "tool" and received weird results. There is not enough input of details to have the tool give back any reasonable results. Bottom Line: This "tool" is not mature, nor fully tested. My recommendation to USAA is to remove it. Classic "Not ready for Prime Time".

Thank you taking the time to go through the Financial Readiness Score tool (FRS) and thank you for your feedback. It sounds as if you and your families have taken a number of important steps to improve your financial security, and our goal is to help you continue on this path. 


The purpose of the FRS tool is to identify broad areas of potential risk to your financial health and spur you to investigate further in those areas. The tools and calculators recommended in your personalized action steps provide the opportunity to include additional detail and further refine your score.


  1. Debt: While mortgage debt is generally preferred over other types of debt, we still encourage members to work towards eliminating mortgage debt.
  2. Documents: In addition to a living will and a power of attorney, USAA recommends also having a financial plan.
  3. Savings: Conservatively, USAA will recommend to continue savings until member has 6+ months of expenses saved in an emergency fund.
  4. Other areas that could be impacting your score:
  5. Retirement: We encourage you to create a Retirement Savings Plan, which will allow you to include other retirement assets like the ones you have mentioned. This will help improve the accuracy of your score.
  6. Life Insurance: We also encourage you to complete the Life Insurance Calculator, which will allow you to include existing assets to reduce your insurance need. This will help improve the accuracy of your score.
  7. Budget: USAA recommends all members create and follow a budget. This will also help improve the accuracy of your score.

Thank you!