I'm an iPhone and Apple guy. I want Touch ID implementation deep into the mobile app making it available for me to authorize transfers bill payments, stock trades and purchases, log in's etc.. It's been proven that facial recognition is not 100% safe as I was able to log in with my picture... I am uninterested in logging in with my voice by reading that dumb passport sentence. iPhone users should NOT be forced to use ANDROID log in technology. When Apples App development SDK allows you all to integrate the Touch ID into this app thoroughly and completely... We IPHONE USERS want OUR BANK to take complete advantage of our device capabilities. TOUCH ID implementation is DEMANDED!


I want TouchID for the USAA app also. It would be s great option. But I'm curious how you got around the blink requirement to log in with a photo. I can't log in at all unless I actually blink.

The Staff Sergeant, 

Thank you for your feedback. I will pass it on to the appropriate department. In the meantime, we ask that you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722. We hope to hear from you soon.

Haven't you heard about the well-publicised hack of the iPhone 5s Touch ID last year?  Have you taken account the important facts of these vunerables?


Touch ID is the fingerprint sensor and the associated software that provides a biometric lock for the iPhone 5s.

Fingerprint readers have been common add-ons to laptops for many years, but never really caught on. Here's why.


1st - fingerprints aren't secret.

All of us inadvertently leave good-quality prints on many surfaces, such as glass, metal and hard plastics.

Additionally (in many countries in the post-9/11 world) many of us deliberately, often unavoidably, have allowed the authorities, our employers and even businesses such as banks to take high-quality copies of our prints, and to keep them pretty much for ever.


2nd - you can't change fingerprints if there's a breach, like you can an ephemeral password.


3rd - fingerprint sensor technology has been found wanting in the past, with glue, gelatin and even photocopies with a very thick layer of toner being used as copies that would pass muster as a real finger.


You can't change your face either, and anyone with a video camera enabled device can record your face. Pre or post 9/11. Pins and passwords are hacked vastly more often than fingerprints yet they are still available as options to log into my USAA account. There is no perfect security standard, but the Apple fingerprint system was not hacked with a hobby kit. It required multiple high cost technologies used in combo. Face requires a video camera and a highres display,... widely available technologies. Voice recognition,… who wants to parrot a security phrase to their phone like an idiot to check their balance?

Really, we should have the ability to combine authentication methods to achieve multi-factor. It may damage Nuance's position statement, but Apple's fingerprint API is a readily available, valuable tool that could compliment the face recognition rather than sitting unused.

It wasn't that long ago that USAA was ahead of the curve with tech, but they dragged their feet with Apple Pay, have piles of unfixed bugs in their web app, and who else had to reload this page 5 times to get it to open on their phone? Hopefully they can right this ship. A good place to start would be implementation of Apple's fingerprint API.

Another fingerprint vote from me - already have it on my Digital Federal Credit Union app.

Thank you for your comment. USAA is beginning to test touch ID this year, but in the meantime, good new is we have Biometric Logon!


What is biometric logon? 

Biometric logon is an authentication method to assist in verifying your identity. It collects your facial (image capture), or your voice biometric (audio recording).

Biometrics uses something members are – their face or voice – in conjunction with something they have – their device – to provide an additional layer of security to verify their identity.

USAA offers members a choice between three multifactor authentication options: Quick Logon PIN, facial or voice recognition.

If the member has not been authenticated and the environment is not conducive to their biometric preference, the member can switch their biometric preference to another option.



You can find more information here

I'm a service disabled vet - my voice is part of the disability which occurred in Pakistan. The current biometric solution from USAA is unable to deal with the dysarthria in my speech. Either allow me to opt out to facial only or give me TouchID please. This USAA non standard solution is just creating a new level of complexity when standard solutions and api's already exist. Please don't ask me to call - you can't understand me anyway!!

Dear Cluigi,

Please email us at socialmeida@usaa.com with your member number and details you provided above and we can explore the login options and find something we can make work for you! Thank you for your service and membership!