I have been a member for more than 44 years. My daughter who recently finished grad school, ran up her USAA credit card and attempted to work out a payment plan to catch up on delinquent payments. As a result of some type of confusion (not clear whose), the payments sy to go to the credit card went to a different account. she found out when the account went to collections. This is where things got crazy. Although she worked with USAA to set up a new payment plan, they decided they no longer wanted her business. This happened while she had several other accounts in good standing including insurance, checking and savings. USAA "punished" her for the sin of setting up a payment plan by restricting ALL her accounts. She cannot do ANY online banking--not even pay bills, make deposits, transfers, etc. without first CALLING to gain access each time. She was recently notified that her checking account's debt card was compromised and the account wad frozen and a new card was sent. The only problem is she is currently working in China and cannot call. She cannot even get online to change the password. It is insane to treat a member who is trying to make payments the exact same way USAA would treat a felon who stole money. I know this because a USAA representative told me after I sent a copy of the power of attorney. If you are young and happen to make a mistake, expect he same treatment. I would not advise getting a USAA credit card or opening any type of account with USAA Bank. They are unforgiving even when you try yo correct a mistake.


Me,be The +44yr,

 I can only imagine how frustrated you are given the circumstances. We want to make sure that we have one of our contacts in the bank review your situation to see if there's something USAA can do. If you don't mind providing a few additional details, by clicking here,  we can have one of our team members review your account.