Just curious if anyone received a pending deposit notice or actual stimulus deposit for the third round of stimulus?


Dear @Camster357


Economic payments will be posted to accounts as soon as the funds are received. Payments are being distributed by the IRS in phases. You may visit us at www.usaa.com/federalstimulus for the latest information. Thank you. - Jesse 

My bank (not USAA) is showing that my stimulus payment will post to my account on March 17th, the prenote is showning now.

You people receiving the stimulus are fortunate.  My family doesn't get to receive the stimulus payments just the privilege of paying for them.  I wonder if, the people receiving these payments that truly don't need them, they are concerned at all about the growing national debt and what will happen as the government continues to print money?  Prices are going up and gas in my area is up $0.70/gal since Biden took office.  I even saw a sign for premium gas yesterday for $3.03/gal.  Be prepared for the situation to get worse as the government continues to spend money that it doesn't have.  When will this spending end?  The politicians don't seem to care about the national debt.  Many of them enter office worth little and leave office multimillionaires so many of their following family generations will be taken care of.  But what about the rest of us?

As usual, USAA won't post them until the minimum of March 16th (they put out a statement on this). Meanwhile, over at Navy Federal Credit Union, my daughter (who got tired of the runaround on various things with USAA) received hers this morning. Now, she's never been in the military, but her husband is medically retired veteran (also a NFCU member). He received his. In his account. At Navy Federal Credit Union. So, I PERSONALLY believe that USAA has received the list and the funds, but, has made the decision to hold the deposits until THEY decide to post them on Tuesday, March 16th, at the earliest. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I've been a member since 1972 and I've seen USAA services do nothing except decline. The Bod does what they like, members be damned...

My actual answer: don't bother to look for it in a USAA account until at LEAST March 17th.

@Bunswick, Thank you for reaching out today and sorry for any inconvenience. USAA will process the federal Economic Impact Payments as soon as we receive them, starting as early as Tuesday, March 16th. ~Tom

This is a joke, USAA on Twitter already told me they have recieved the Direct Deposit Advance Notices, which tells the bank how much and to whom the money goes, Chime has already been making the deposits, but USAA is telling us we should be happy that the "will start" to send payments on the 16th. 

@David0417, I can understand your concern. I've elevated your feedback to the appropriate team regarding this. Thank you. ~Holland