Think it's time users of MoneyDance and Banktivity woke up!

If those of you review the numerous complaints and request for help from members throughout these USAA discussion boards and you can only come to one conclusion:


USAA does not care about you!


Consider stock "Social Services" replies to your request for assistance: How many "support specialists" have you heard from either directly or have found posted help through this forum? How many of you, who have eventually gotten through to" technical support" (such as it is) have gotten any other responce than "We only support Quicken"  (Hmmm - reminiscent of "Let them eat cake"!). I would bet that none of our leaders up in the Ivory tower have any idea this is even going on! How many of them do you think have personally tried to get through to Technical Support to see how the system really works? How many of them have demanded answers to why our programs (which have been in use for many years) no longer work on USAA.


More than likely it's cover your backside time int the trenches.......


I joined USAA in their very early days - 66 years ago!  They have always had my support, handled my insurance needs, and all of my banking needs. For most of these 66 years I thought USAA was #1 but must admit that I sensed a decline in the service to members in the last few years. Now this incident is a wake-up call and makes me realize how far the slide has gone!


I have waited two weeks for even a semblence of help for this problems. I have tried tech support and besides long wait times have been dropped or transferred back into the loop again on several occassions.  I like many others here will not consider Quicken for personal reasons so it now seems my option is take my business elsewhere. (Think I will get the stock "sorry to see you go and your complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate team" reply?)


Anyway wish all of you soul mates the very best and keep well.



Montana Kid - We are sorry to hear you feel this way, but we appreciate the feedback. We made changes targeted at Quicken users for transactions download effective December 19th, 2020. This was to increase the security for member accounts. Have you tried using the credentials you can obtain with the new process at ?


USAA is committed to ensuring members have the ability to share their account information with 3rd party applications. If you are currently not able to link your USAA accounts to a 3rd party application we recommend you inquire with the 3rd party application provider about the different connection options with USAA that are available to you. I hope this information is helpful. - Jason