There is no care anymore the system says a balance for days then changes dates to put you in the negative on a charge and when asking about give you attitude like oh well we don’t care and won’t even offer money back for the late fee even though I’m out in a pandemic risking it all just turned into a big none caring bank worst customer services ever made me feel like I was stupid and talked down to I will be definitely leaving hope everybody does to not member friendly by any means only take your money will pass along to every military contact services and leaders and government leaders taking advantage of the little guys now is what they do


@Rt84, this is concerning to read and never the way we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your account, and would like to have your concerns reviewed further. I am forwarding this information to the appropriate department. 

Sorry to hear that experience mate! I have been a USAA member for near 58 years. I can honestly state that I have never had that sort of experience with USAA. In fact, there have an instance or more that I complimented the answering representative on their ability to sooth the raging beast (me). Thinking of the change from Mastercard to Visa - and that is long ago history.
I would lije to seriously urge you to stay with us at USAA. There is strength in numbers - and with USAA I believe we have the high ground. We need one another.
Have you ppaused to consider that the person you worked with was in all probability working from home. I can tell you from personal experience that is no easy transition. I would say that it took me close to a year to make a satisfactory transitioin.

If you think you are being treated unfairly/unprofessional, just wait till you deal with State Farm, Geico, Century etc.  I kknow, I have dealt with other insurance companies before finding USAA, you will be sorry you left.

I agree with the other comments.  I can't say enough good things about USAA.  I appreciate the credit to my account (re: car insurance) during this pandemic.  I recently received a check for a refund of late fees that came in handy!  But what sticks in my mind most was when I, a government employee, was furloughed.  While I was figuring everything out USSA reached out to ME (the called ME) to ask if I might want to refinance my home at NO COST to myself.  That savings literally SAVED me during that time.  I'm an essential employee, a first responder on the front line during this pandemic and I appreciate USAA for everything they do!

I would have to agree with the original poster.   The customer service with USAA has declined GREATLY in the last 5 years.   You don't receive call get online messages that do not address the original question asked and they have no idea what they are talking about.   It is like talking to a bunch of trained monkeys.   We here at USAA care about our members, and appreciate  BLAH BLAH BLAH and thank you for being a USAA member.   So the niceties are there...but the answers and resolutions are not.    Be it banking, homeowners, car is the same scenario.    ALL TALK...NO ACTION any more.