The "New Financial Tools" just another scam with help from the profit takers..

We again are treated to "good news"  that SOON our financial investment tools will be upgraded...

     And they also provide a section to answer ALL our questions....  Well almost....That BIG one being: Will they take suggestions from the USAA membership?? Since they have not ever done that in the recent past(well over a dacade).. To witt:

      It would be really nice if they provided a few graphic presentations for each account (Including  IRA, UGMA,  and 529 ccounts. And let these presentations actually show the profit over the investments in both a graphic and quantitative way.  Just so we can easily see how WELL our investment is being accumulated by those we trusted to do that job... You can tell that the "advisors" have these types of graphs; but unlike other financial institutions USAA does not like to let us know how well they are doing..   THAT NEEDS TO CHANGE WITH THESE "NEW TOOLS"!!!!!




Hello, Thank you for your well thought out feedback. We appreciate it so much! I am forwarding your post to a subject matter expert now. Have a great weekend! ~Tom