By now, all parties involved (members, USAA reps, designers, etc) know that My Budget is an unmitigated failure. Trying to enumerate its limitations, flawed logic, and software glitches is pointless. I couldn't keep track.

The single greatest failure regarding the product, however, is USAA's disinterest in being honest about the issues and failing to get ahead of the complaints. We ALL know its a poor product. So quit apologizing and provide an honest way forward. What is the plan? What is the timeline? Does anybody even care?

Probably not.


What are you doing to own your side of the responsibility to make this work?  USAA is not responsible to do your budgeting for you. 

And TurboTax is not responsible for doing my taxes. NetFlix is not responsible for picking and organizing the movies I want to watch. Facebook is not responsible keeping me in touch with my friends. Yet all three provide logical, intuitive, (largely) bug-free platforms to do those things.

I do not demand budgeting capability by USAA, I'm merely pointing out that the budgeting capability they have provided is completely unacceptable by today's online standards. If you have ever used Mint, you know exactly what I am talking about. Furthermore, USAA used to have an online budgeting tool that was far better than the current app, which many of us used effectively and had taken away from us.

So what am I doing about it? Joining others who have had similar frustrations and asking USAA to give us some straight answers. Hey, I've used Mint and am resigned to going back to it. I was hopeful, however, that USAA would take the criticisms and concerns seriously and provide a quality product.

So, you are correct. It's not their responsibilty to do my budgeting. But if they are going to provide a budgeting tool, it should at least work.

OK, no sweat, but if you want to help them fix it, I suggest you're not going about it in a particularly useful way. 

What do you suggest?

Call them, there's a resolution team identified elsewhere in this thread.  Tell them you've been extremely frustrated with the shortcomings of the budget system and offer to discuss specific issues you've had and exactly what you'd like to see improved. Write these down before you call.  Then tell them there are 14 (whatever) items on your list and see if they will pick a time that will allow you to cover these issues in detail.  If there are system design issues, bugs, performance problems, let them know so they can get the right people on the call - and you don't have to go over the same material several times.  They will probably record the call.  Tell them to use that recording to get whoever they need into the  discussion / resolution process.  Once they get along in the improvement process, tell them you're willing to beta test the results and provide your feedback.  If they people you talk to initially aren't responsive, ask to speak to a supervisor.   USAA pride themselves on improvement and member support.  It shouldn't take long to find someone who will listen.  Don't complain at them.  You don't want them to conclude you're a crank, that gets you and them nowhere.  Let me know how it turns out.

Fair enough.  It's a reasonable suggestion given the amount of time I've spent going back and forth with you on this issue could have been spent making the very phone call you suggest.  That said, is this really the way to run a railroad?  I might point out that I don't have to call TurboTax, Netflix, Facebook or the multitude of other websites I use to let them know their website doesn't work.  I mean. . .how about they just get it (somewhat) right?


Too much to ask?  Is USAA is special?  They get a break?


I'll make your phone calls.  Let you know how it turns out.


It's not worth it replying back to ewbjr .  USAA is aware there product isn't working.  Look at all the posts in the forum over the "My Budget" tool.  Try going to Mint.  I have an love it.  So as dissappointed as I am in USAA's response to fixing the "My Budget" tool it led me to a better product in the end.  Thanks USAA!

I hear you FormerMarine.  I started using Mint when this whole debacle with MyBudget went down last summer.  After 9 or so months, however, I decided to go back to the product again to see if they had worked out the kinks.  


That's what started my rant in the first place. . .not that My Budget is broken.  We all know that by now.  It's that nothing has been done.  For nine months.  And to think. . .they were originally saying it would be fixed by  Jul 12, 2014.  


Anyway, my rant is over.  It's a broken, worthless product, apparently never to be fixed.  I'm still current on Mint.  Cheers.



I agree with Kmt1967, USAA shouldn't need a personal phone call from everyone that realizes their Money Manager capability doesn't work.  This is the 21st Century, they should be reviewing this blog and other social media constantly and I suspect they do, which makes this issue even more appauling from a customer standpoint.


I have spoken with USAA representatives about this but no one was willing to speak with authority on it.  It was always another department's responsibility.  This was the most shocking aspect of the issue to me, I expected USAA to own up to their problems and be forthright about it.  In this case, they should suspend the capability until they get it right or just stop trying all together.