The change to the new checking/savings account paper statements!!!

Just curious what bunch of idiots decided that the NEW style statments for our checking and savings accounts was best for us??  Nobody asked us did they? was it just the BOD who decided to change and then also decided to stop sending out paper statements?


 Seems to me that with approximately 13.5 million members (USAA's Count), the idoits behind this asinine change did not bother to survey its members.  These new style statements are hard to read and balance the checkbooks with.  Did some lame brain fool make a few extra bucks by suggecting this change?


Personnaly I don't like the change and WANT the OLD style back!!


@xqzmepleze,  We appreciate your thoughts on this and will ensure it is reviewed.  Thank you for taking time to submit this, 

Horray for USAA's patronizing I'm sorry, I apologize, so sorry customer, We (USAA) decide, to heck with you.

I'd like the old style of statements back, too.  I agree, it's hard to balance a checkbook (or an accounting system) with it.  There's no longer a daily account balance listing, and there are no longer images of deposit slips and checks on the statements. 


No images of the mobile deposits, either (though that's not a new development), I have to go online to see those in the transaction register, and no record of the memo I enter when I transfer funds from one account to another -- and those memos are VERY ephemeral in the online interface, and not near the transactions.  When I use duplicate checks, my memo on the check is preserved on the carbon copy for months, sometimes years, before the blue copy is degraded by UV, oxygen, moisture, or whatever.  If I move money around online, though, it's gone in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback on the statements, @IfYouNeedANumberYouS. I will definitely forward it to the team that handles the statements and the changes to it. - Cathleen

It's so nice to see someone notices (snicker snicker snicker) I doubt that notice will go any further than you telling us it will be passed along to those that need to know. Why not give us the snail mail address (or is Board of Directors, 9800 Fredisksburg RD, San Antonio, TX [removed sensitive data]-0001 the best one to use,)  so those of us dissatisfied with the new statments can flood the BOD's desk with our complaints. Now they just sit there and make this stupid decisions and not care, see or read the complaint!


Just telling us I will pass it along is you sweeping it under the carpet isn't it?



You are welcome to mail a letter to that address. However, feedback sent to us, regardless of the platform, is reviewed.  While all feedback is taken into consideration for future changes. We hear you and appreciate you sending in your thoughts.

Just came here to add my voice to this request. I am gobsmacked that USAA would remove check images from statements. The thought of having to try to look them all up individually online with the clunky search interface gives me shivers. Further, we work with a bookkeeper and there is no way for her to reconcile transactions unless I give her account credentials. USAA, please fix this quick.

We completely agree with you. The new format makes no sense and why did usaa take copies of our paid/cancelled checks off of our statement? Put the format back the way it was!

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us to share your concerns regarding the statements. We will certainly forward your feedback to the appropriate department for review and for consideration for future enhancements of our statements. Thank you!