The NEW USAA - Buyer Beware of the Truth, not the Media Branding

I wish the message could get further out on these internal boards LIKE  THEY  ARE  PROLIFERATING on internet complaint forums available with simple searches. If you are new to USAA then you are used to THE NEW  USAA.  LONG TERM Members are finally seeing past the illusion and leaving. Caveat Emptor.  The old USAA was awesome.  The NEW USAA is an illusion still wrapping itself in the mission of the past.  Money talks  in the executive suite and old members walk because it is just like every other provider....... but better than Comcast customer service..... !


The NEW USAA  "executive resolution team"  is a data collection operation who cannot fix anything. Huge waste of time.

And every social form letter response is terribly insulting.


The truth is that the NEW USAA is just like every other provider, wrapped in illusionary perception - because FAKE SELLS.


52 years and I’m voting with my feet. Looks like Gordon Gekko took over.

I completely agree with the "New USAA" vs the old very excellent USAA services.  No longer recognizable...I have 45 years of insurance products, credit card services with USAA.  They used to be very honest and it is crickets when they make a fact when I informed them they overcharged me on my auto policy(being constantly raised) that the reason the place my car was garaged at was NOT changed by them when I informed them of my change of address was because I did the address change ONLINE!  The change in place would have made a small difference in my bill but it turns out they have been overcharging me since I moved in June of 2017!  I was the one who pointed out the mistake...I was told it was because I did not call it in rather I used their website to change my address...pretty limp explanation and no excuse for not crediting my account for the amount of overcharge for a year and a half...that slightly added up.  Since they are now in the business of inching up the bill (always due to some amorphous reason like it is CA's fault) and no real explanation that is researchable...just have to take their word for it.  So what is the point of using the website at all?  I had to hunt to find this site to complain...after talking to the second customer service person regarding this "mistake" by them, this time I was told they didn't "backdate", how about just crediting my account for the OVERCHARGE.  In CA, coastal proximity is what is used as an indicator to charge more for simply being on the coast of CA!  So when I moved farther away from Oceanside, my policy which was to reflect Vista rather than Oceanside (I feel sorry for those Marines in Oceanside), my policy was not changed.  Yesterday, I was told pretty much too bad we don't backdate for our mistakes.  Mind you not one of them said they made a mistake except the customer service person(I won't use her name) did say no one should have told me that since I didn't call it in the first time, rather than changing my address online, that that was a plausible explanation.  She admitted that it wasn't.  There is nothing resembling the old USAA and my guess is since around 2004.  All policies have been raised in price and customer service is not falls into the black hole.  I don't appreciate that...they seem to be a bit desperate in fact.  I am sure that if I moved to Rancho Sante Fe or Del Mar, the place on my policy for garaging my car would definitely not have been overlooked...those are high priced areas on the coast or near the coast which would have raised my car insurance as well.  Since when is it that the customer has to make sure he/she is not being overcharged...USAA is very much like every other corporate insurance company now...sorry to say.  Rude and not responsive, especially when it is their mistake.  I asked what would have happened if I'd had an accident and my policy said I was living at this address, changed online when I moved, and my car was garaged in a totally different city according to the policy.  I wonder if my policy would have been invalidate because of their mistake?  Sorry to say...USAA is acting just like the others...with the mantel of insurance for active duty military and for military families...not what they used to be at all; 45 years with USAA, sad to say.


57 years with USAA and I have had enough of poor service and products that are no longer competitive. Started moving out of investments and have found better credit cards and banking services. USAA is not for my life any more.

@Don5343, I'm saddened to learn that you intend to leave USAA after 57 years. We certainly don't want to lose your business. I'm sharing your comments with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

⬆️⬆️ that "canned" response above is exactly what the members are fed up with!! What a joke!

Just who is the "appropriate team"?  They certainly never seem to resolve anything on this board!

Don, I had my banking (32+yrs), investments/IRAs (20+yrs) with USAA and finally decided to move them two years ago. Like you, I was getting low returns on investments with higher than average cost ratios, low returns on various savings/checking/CDs, unreliable CCs (especially when they went from MC to VSA), slow posting of CC transactions (especially the pending ones) online, and the list goes on. The Victory Capital acquisition and soon Schwab (not that I would have an issue with it) tells me that USAA is divesting a lot these days without providing any useful information to their members so they can make an informed decision. USAA allowed companies like NationStar to take over servicing of mortgage loans several years ago--complaints even in that area--just search around here and the internet. USAA say's these changes will better serve its members, but I think a lot of members (especially the more senior ones) have doubts it will. USAA is still on the hook to for $15M+ for violating the EFT Act, reopening closed accounts without acct holder knowledge. Just search USAA and Stars & Stripes for additional information. Unfortunately for Mr. Parker, all this took place under his watch, and the watchful (and evidently supportive) eyes of the Board of Directors. On a positive note, I'd like to thank USAA for giving me and my family the right motivation to search for financial institutions that could meet our banking/investment requirements. Those alternatives having been working well.

We live in an era of 10 second sound bites, politically corrrect jargon, Madison Avenue concocted images and television induced coma.  Is it any wonder that so-called customer service has become an impersonal joke.


Seeing the complaints here and elswhere is troubling to say the least.  Has the Wall Street corporate Borg completely swallowed USAA up? Are USAA members now just another brick in the Wall (St) get rich as quick as you can and to He!! with everyone else? We live in sad times.


Caveat Emptor indeed.

Agree, as a 50 year member, used to be, trust USAA, people you talked to were vets, military spouses.  Now reps lie, equivocate, blame the member.  A change in our country and a focus on making money by USAA. Sad, that I can tell you!