The Impact of Flawd Report on you credit report.

As a USAA member, I've been fortunate to have seen and experienced great grow financial, until losing my job for medical reason in 2012. What I experienced, I wouldn't want anyone to have to struggle in such away. Over the last three years, I have noticed and been informed by representatives of USAA, that even thou I've been adjudicated, there records still show my delinquency and high balance as negatives on my Equifax credit report, and that's the report they use to make all credit, loans and support decision. I find this to be uncomprehensable, due to the fact USAA, offers Experian as its credit monitoring serves for a monthly fee, and yet they don't even trust the information from the same institution they offer to there consumers. The hypocrisy of it eludes common economic principles. Also it's hilarious how the products and services they offer do not link up, so the info concerning a customer is visible no matter if it for a home, personal, credit or secure loan. When you use outdated procedure, you have a broken process which benefits no one but the very institution and there capital gain. Flawed is just not offering the best and not providing it, it's also know you can do better, but yet you make no attempt to correct it.




Dear Bryant,


Thank you very much for your comment here in the community. I can surely pass along these comments to someone in our bank, but I also encourage you to send us your thoughts stated above here. Thank you again for your membership and participation in the community.

Dear Angela,

My comments where shared yesterday and today with representatives from USAA, and that's the puzzling thing. Everyone can see the system is flawed but no one is doing anything to correct it. I worked over 22 years with the government and I understand how outdated policies and procedures impacts functionality and production. Change only comes about when the policyholders see fit to address elephant in the room, which is most times themselves.


The only flaw is in your logic. Obviously you have no understanding how credit reporting works. Banks pay to access credit reports. As a result, they tend to pull one specific bureau -- the one they get the best deal from.

It's not USAA's fault you stiffed your creditors and it shows up on Equifax.
Dear FullBird,

Obviously you're misinformed, for you know not my situation, which means you speculate and you're misguided. So, I would advise you to get the facts before you reply or post on someone subject matter, without first doing the proper due diligence! I'm man enough to address and handle my business without being indignant!
UF, you are confused. You stated yourself "adjudicated" and "delinquencies". Obviously you failed to live up to your financial obligations.

If you need charity, try Navy Relief. USAA isn't, fortunately, social services and won't lend you money.

I'm not confused, nor am I looking for a handout. Now since you into trolling, let me educate you on proper dialogue. My issue is not financial but the products in which USAA offers to its customers. Now if you don't understand that, in its simplicity, then I understand why you troll. See you are what's wrong in society, you speculate without full understanding or comprehension. So, blow away FullBird and nest somewhere else. I handle my business and I can handle yours, so don't play with me. Now that's you're PSA for today and everyday moving forward!! Now be blessed and remember to bless someone else beyond words and assumptions. One Vet to another!
UF, does it hurt when you think?

You are upset because USAA will not risk my money by lending it to you -- you with a credit score south of your age. Most of us would call this prudent lending. You, however, call it USAA failing to participate in food stamp issuance.

They use Equifax. Get over it. Work on the real issue like paying your bills on time.

That they use Experian for their credit monitoring product is irrelevant. That's a separate issue and a separate business decision. There are economics involved that you likely missed in second grade.

What you are really upset about is that USAA doesn't lend to people with bad credit. What you really need is Navy Relief or your local social services department. Go hound them for money.

This is a friendly reminder that we want this community to be a place of friendly spirited debate. Any further personal attacks will be removed. Thanks for understanding!

Briana do you see FullBird again? Please! He is abusive.