It is Thanksgiving and there is still no pending deposit or anything showing up. Tomorrow is the payday so when will it become available?


I was wondering the same thing?!

I think we get payed on the 1st so therefore we should get payed on Friday the 28th

TinyT, Thank you for your question. Here is a link to the dates for Direct Deposit. Hope this helps.

I am wondering the same thing plus some get paid at midnight while some at 8 a.m. Why is that?
It's past the date stated on USAA pay chart, and money still has not dropped. I calked and was told the time difference we'll it's past 12 am so what's the delay?

Not all federal credit unions fall suit to depositing money before the holidays. For example, the Army's Federal Credit Union will post money beforehand; however, Tinker's Federal Credit Union will not. Too bad all the credit unions are not on the same sheet playing fields.