Thank you for (finally) repairing the "My Budget" tool

It would seem that after months of apparent development your tool is finally working correctly.


Transactions look like they are drawing from not only basic checking/savings but also from in-house credit card accounts as well.


I'll give it a month or two to verify that data is properly represented and not duplicated (like when paying off a USAA credit card with a USAA checking account and counting it as two negative ledger transactions) but thank you for, again finally, fixing the issues.


Moving forward, I along with many other USAA customers, would really appreciate more transparency to resolution strategies for problems such as this. While I'm pleasantly surprised that all seems well, I shouldn't have to be "surprised" at all.


Assemble a communication team, give us a road map, give us a high-level strategy, give us monthly updates, give us....anything. Letting the issue hang dry doesn't inform your consumers and leaves a bad taste in our mouths from a customer service perspective point of few.



A long-term, now mildly satisfied, customer


Thank you for your comments Vertigomusic.


We are hoping to be much more transparent for the future plans of the tool. We recently intereviewed Richard Rohrbough, Director, Product Management here and conducted a live chat with him here.


He provided a list of updates (Page 2 of this discussion) during a live Q&A session:


Other specific enhancements coming include:

  • Improvements to the display of transfers in Track Money and My Budget
  • The updating of categories in Track Money
  • The integration of pending credits in My Budget
  • Additional accessibility
  • The ability to add non-USAA accounts on mobile
  • The ability to split transactions

We are glad the tool is finally meeting your expectations and welcome and further feedback. Thank you.