If a merchant does something shady with your credit card, dont bother trying to be pro-active and dispute the transaction immediately. I have been a loyal customer in good standing for 15 years, and was just told by the executive services team that not only could they not monitor a questionable transaction for me and dispute it if the merchant tried to post it, but it was implied that I was being unreasonable for wanting this done. I was told that despite my communicating the situation, I would need to keep tabs on the transaction myself and initiate contact again to dispute it, as if all the time Insoent on hold and then explaining the situation somehow made no difference to them. The implications made were insulting and wholly lacking in empathy. Apparently my time has little value. So a 15 year relationship will soon come to a close. Goodbye USAA. It would be nice if you actually cared.


Dear Member,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We would appreciate the opportunity to get further details for review about your situation. If you could please email us here at socialmedia@usaa.com with your member number and the details about your disputed transaction, we will have one of our member service representatives assess your situation. Thank you for posting here and for your 15 year membership. We look forward to hearing from you further.

You can not start a dispute against an authorization.  Once the actual charge goes through, then you will need to start the dispute process, which can be done online from your account.  This is the credit card rules (Visa/MC/AMEX), so it will be same no matter where you go. 

DSTexas - that information was clearly explained, understood, and completely without dispute. The issue was that there was not even a token effort made to accomodate my request to check the transaction for me in 5 days and give me a call if the merchant tried to post it. This would have been the way to respect the time I jad invested between two separate calls and the 2 waits in the call queue plus the 3 significant hold times. If I go through that, it is not reasonable, and rather insulting to suggest I owe more of my time to the issue. My time is valuable, and with 15 years of good behavior, should be respected as such.

I don't see how they would be capable of honoring your request?  It would require someone to personally follow up, and check the information and call you.  With over 10 million members, providing that type of service would just be feasible to even a minut number of members.  If it is something that concerns you, you have up to 60 days to dispute.  While it is under dispute, they will not require you to pay it.

Riiiight, because all members are requesting the same thing at tje exact same time. If theu dont have the resources to respond to al members, regardless of the inquiry or request, that is a staffing issue. This is 2015 and employees have email clients with calendars for managing apoointments. Instead of the hour plus of my time that was wasted, they could have made a calendar reminder and checked it for me in less than 10 minutes. Good apologism.

If you want this type of service, then I see no reason why you can't as long as you pay for it.  The research fee is $15.00 an hour.  Ask them to charge you that rate to keep an eye on the transaction for you.


This is just another example of the Narcissism Epidemic affected America today.

You are confused. There are probably thousands of people disputing or wanting to dispute transactions. It's your problem to wait until the transaction posts and then initiate the dispute. USAA will send you an e-mail or SMS when a transaction posts so it's not rocket science.

I think you need a babysitter, not a bank.
Lovely ad hominem, fullbird. Disagreeing with me does not make you correct or constitute a rational argument supporting your opinion,
Right, U S A A Doesnt Care, it's my fault you don't know what you're talking about. Now hurry along and let mommy tie your shoes for you or you'll be late for work.