Terrible Customer Service and NO HELP!

I've called USAA for two days. I can't get anyone to help me. Yesterday I was put on hold for 22 minutes and finally hung up. And then in my documents there is now a request for proof of identity documents today. I called again today to find out why USAA is asking for this and as I was talking, they were like I can't hear you and hung up on me. This is so frustrating! In all my years of being a member, I have not had this terrible customer service. All I want is to stop getting physical mail for my kids accounts. I have contacted USAA several times to deal with this. They keep saying that my kids need to see what's in their account but they do. They each have the USAA app. I don't think sending account info in the mail is secure because we just throw that paper away. PLEASE stop sending physical mail for all my family!

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@concernedmom7, we can certainly understand how you are feeling and apologize for the experience you have had when calling in.  I will certainly escalate this to be reviewed by the appropriate area.  


May i recommend to send us a chat on our page or app?  Our phone agents can help get your minor children's profile all setup for electronic document delivery.  To chat with us, select the help feature, type in Live Chat > select your checking or savings account > click on "something else" > the option to chat or call is next. This will guide you to the chat line with us. Our Bank chat representatives are available 24/7, but if the chat link is unavailable, this simply means that all representatives are assisting other members, so please keep trying.

I have called and called and called again only to talk to several agents and be redirected and no one is helping us. USAA is so frustrating now.

@concernedmom7, I regret your frustration with your customer service experience. I've forwarded your comments to the appropriate area. - Ben