Tell us about your checking account experiences!


Hello, Sorry it has been no fun! If you can send me a PM, I would like to take a look at your acct and see if we can get it up and running for you. If you still feel as if you would like to close the account still, you would then need to call in to 800-531-8722. Thank you ~Tom



1.  Thinking ....



1. (See my post on this topic) Transaction history in checking isn't tracked with source and payee acount information.

2. (See the many escalated tickets that have already been ignored) Budget tools - categories in the budgeting tools don't work in conjuction with any other tool on the USAA website.

3. The Track Money tool has the same issue, Categories don't track between the accounts and the budgeting tool.

4. Transfer history has been AWOL for almost a month now with no idea when it may show up again.

5. Ability to create or modify exisiting scheduled transfers have also been AWOL for about a month -- no idea if the previously scheduled ones will happen or not, support can't tell you if it will and they can't see nay more than I can apparently.

6. Savings booster that leaves a portion of a direct deposit in the primary checking and transfers the remainder into savings?  Can't see or modify that at all either.

7. Text savings booster has suddenly begun to do simple $5.00 increment transfers from checking to savings.  It's never been an even dollar amount until the transfer issues arose. 


Should I keep going?


What is making me switch to a new bank? 

Questions like this.  USAA can't possibly not know what's wrong, it's just cheaper to ignore it.

Sadly, some of the things I complained about the most in the above list are the things I liked most about USAA -- if they only worked!





Hello @WatchOut123, I have forwarded your feedback regarding this to a subject matter expert for review. -Colleen

I have been very pleased for a long time with USAA. Only thing I would like to suggest is that I live in a military town, 60% of the area with 500,000 plus people are members of USAA yet we have no actual bank or ATMs. While depositing cash is not as common as it used to be, most of us have to go to a local bank to deposit cash and then transfer to USAA just to keep our checking all the same. Not a major issue, just a minor setback in what should be a seamless process.

@20Years1, thank you so much for your feedback, and for your long time membership. We're always looking for new ways to improves our services, so I'll ensure your comments are passed to the proper department. Thank you! ~Holland

The fact that you don’t show pending deposits for military pay or anything general insurance claims is absolutely ridiculous the only bank I’ve ever dealt with that doesn’t and it’s almost an inconvenience to the fact where we want to switch

@ carrie808 USAA's goal is to always make direct deposit funds available one business day before the actual pay date provided your employer provides us notification two to three days in advance. I will share your feedback regarding this experience, thank you. -Emily

I think it would hold value to display deposit when notification is received. Typically if you have a Friday payday the notification would have been received on Wednesday by 5-8pm. This would also resolve the question when deposit fall on a holiday - if it’s pending but not deposited you can see that it will be processed on next business day.

Also, additional capabilities have been placed so I am surprised that USAA doesn’t provide deposits 2-day early. ACH system has made so many enhancements in the last two years. So many banks and credit unions allow for 2-day early deposits
A lot of feedback has been provided but little action on enhancing checking accounts. What’s next? I would love to see you provide additional value as you are not providing competitive rates like other banks or credit unions. Typically one would expect more options then with the product to offset the value comparison.

@batman23, thanks for reaching out, we appreciate your feedback and I am forwarding it right now!    ~Tom