Tell us about your checking account experiences!

@jimmyb84 , The purpose of this post is to gather our members thoughts as we are always looking at what our members needs are. Your feedback has been forwarded. It is our hope that you will continue to provide feedback as it is collected and taken into consideration. We hope that change will come quickly with every submitted request but in some cases it does not. I would encourage you to continue to be a voice as I believe it can bring change. ~ Suzy

Maybe being a proactive bank instead of being a reactive bank might be a good start. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to realize that better deposit rates, rewards and offerings are what people would like. Why does USAA not look at their direct online bank competition and then adjust from there? No, they have members tell them the obvious and then sit on their hands for years before making any decisions. What works and what I have seen from banks worth it, is they always have the customer first focus and what benefits can we offer the membership base and they enact them without having to be told. That is what USAA needs to do, instead of having people complain about CD rates for example, for half a decade before any change happens. 

I've been with USAA for insurance for over 30 years. When I moved my checking account to USAA, I was thrilled with many of the conveinece features (mobile check deposit).  I used mobile deposit to deposit my paycheck, so I could turn around and pay my bills.  There was a hold on ALL of the money I deposited.  I called Customer Service and was told, "Sorry, nothing you can do about it now."  they refused to escalate my call to void the transaction (so I could cash the check elsewhere). That should have been warning enough, but it got worse... MUCH worse.


After my divorce, there were times when I had to count every dime, and would verify my balance before making purchases.  On more than one occassion, I had enough money in my account (including "pending") and made a purchase, only to have my account docked the $29 NSF fee.  When I looked at my statement it would show the $25 purchase rejected, $29 NSF with a balance of $35.  When I called in, I was told that there was some vauge charge pending, despite the descrepancy of my balance.  This happened several times, including an auto pay to my electric company, which USAA denied (resulting in my having to pay in person for a YEAR).  By the time I moved my money into my local credit union, there were over $500 in "suspect" NSF fees.  The only thing I can figure is that USAA must apply debts and credits in a way that best ensures they are able to collect NSF fees.  If I get paid on the 1st, there should not be NSF fees docked on the 1st.  Thank God for my Credit Union!!!


I wholeheartedly believe that USAA doesn't care about Customer Service.  If they did, they would not out-source their Customer Support to the India based company, HCL.  Before anyone tells me that they did not, I worked for HCL (on a different project) and can vouch for the fact that they do. 

Hey @P3 Veteran, I regret to hear of the experience you have had and appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us today. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will contact you. -Emily

I’m a switching to a new bank in a few days because in over two years USAA has failed to listen to its members reguarging depositing large checks . I have a treasury check for 16k coming and I’m not mailing it so thanks to the ineptitude of USAA I am forced to take my business elsewhere .

Without remote check deposit locations available, depositing checks that exceed my deposit@mobile limit has become very difficult. Of particular concern, I spent 38 minutes on the phone with customer support attempting to obtain the adress for depositing by mail.  The customer service agent was not able to find the address! I found the address listed in this forum and was told by the customer service individual, "That sounds right. I would just use that address". He then asked me to take a picture in case the check gets lost". Needless to say, a little apprehensive about dropping a $30K check in the mail to an address that could not even be verified by a bank representative.  

@Bigplanet, I can totally understand the hesitation regarding mailing in a check of that amount. 

For Mail Deposits: Attn: Bank Priority Mail USAA Federal Savings Bank 10750 McDermott fwy
San Antonio, TX 78284-8426.  If you are expressing the deposit you may use: USAA Federal Savings Bank 10750 McDermott Fwy San Antonio, TX 78230.   You may use this link to find this information online: . Since this is a large deposit, I recommend to use a tracking number to keep track of this while in transit to us.   Your feedback regarding the Deposit limit will be sent to the appropriate area for review as well.

With all this feedback presented overtime on the checking or deposit accounts. Are there any immediate plans to make changes or enhancements to the offering ? Or do I need to look elsewhere for my deposits ?

Let the mobile app run on rooted phones.  If you can't get it to work right, then you're doing it wrong.  Hire me and I'll help out to get it working.

Just opened a checking account and after accepting me said my deposit didn't go through. Now I'm sitting at zero balance forcing me to add deposit accounts...  after 20 questions(said would take minutes) 15min later trying to figure out how to set up my present account, that already seemed to be in here, to transfer to this mess.....HOW DO I GET RID OF THIS ACCOUNT!!!!!!! I will keep my CC....but this is insane