Tell us about your checking account experiences!


Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear of your checking account experience. I have escalated your concerns and a specialist will reach out to you to discuss in more detail.

I hate to say this after being with USAA for 24 years, but I've started creating accouts with other institutions in order to move all of my assets elsewhere.  USAA has made it so difficult to login, use Quicken, etc. that it just isn't worth the hastle.  USAA authorized payments and transfers via phone that were not made by me and not my fault.  I plan to move my insurance also.

Dear Chris Breaux,
Thank you for posting in the Community. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Your feedback will be shared with the appropriate area for review and consideration of future product and service enhancements.

We hope this matter won't be a deciding a factor in your continued relationship with USAA- we appreciate your 24 year membership and would relish the opportunity to speak with you further. We ask that you please contact one of our banking specialists at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you

I don't disagree with you about the login, but Navy Federal has a three-code instead of two also. When it comes to accessing my cash, I don't mind it. My complaint is with the USAA credit card system, but that doesn't belong here. Likewise some of their "services" you can't access unless you subscribe to their other things.
I have been a USAA member for 46 years. Service has deteriorated, rates have soared. I remain a loyal customer, hoping for a turn around. But there is no way I would bank with USAA. My other three banks are far more customer oriented.


Thanks for posting in Community. USAA appreciates your loyal membership of 46 years. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I regret for any experience you had that did not meet your expectations.  Please let us know if further assistance is required regarding your information.

It has been a horrible experience half the time and at the worst time. When my fiancee and I get in an argument she calls usaa and cancels my debit card or takes me off the joint checking account. I have to be the one to do that. I think she forged my signature on the form that you guys sent to her lake city address. Which u don't kno why you guys sent that form to her when y'all have my address which is in Gainesville Florida. How could yall get that wrong. It happens everytime we get in a disagreement. Then I call and you guys dig in a lot of files and put me back on our joint checking account. And send me a new debit card. So while this always happens I am sitting here with no access to any cash or credit cards cause I was gonna pay my bills today but whenever our money comes in I won't kno and she will transfer it all. So when I got to pay my bills like every month it will over draft the account because of y'alls fault cause y all shouldn't have done what she says. So I will be calling in a few more hours to handle this situation like I always do. Thank you.

@John gottie, I'm sorry to hear of your recent experience. We would like to review your situation. Please send us a Private Message so that we can provide additional information by selecting the top right corner under your user handle for a drop down menu. Please select the envelope icon and the next page you will be able to "Send a New Message". Thank you Tricia

After asking the question and 81+ feedback - what steps have you taken and what steps do you plan to take to enhance the checking experience. For me it’s come to the following

- Rates (other offer some type of interest from .50-2.00 percent)
- others offer similar rewards checking with out the loss atm rebates
- enhanced banking features have not been updated and seem to operate poorly.
- hold times, I personally have not had the hold times others complain about but issue nonetheless. In this age of ach Check deposit can be processed and verified within 1-2 business days

So in conclusion offer better deposit rates, add back atm rebates for reward checking, consider making the rewards account a standard for your checking, add loyalty rewards similar to penfed - if you have x direct deposit than you get an extra 1 percent on your cash rewards.

I have a credit union that has a 3 percent Cashback on all transactions at a 10.49 rate. Part of the reason I switched is simplify banking so to add more value you should look at your options tied to checking

Deposit accounts
Credit cards
Some type of line of credit

@ USAA Social Service, I agree with everything batman23 states. I have half my financial world with Fidelity and the other with USAA, batman23 is correct about other banks being far more competitive than you. I also, like him want to know what is done. Seems you provide a cookie cutter answer, put in the disclaimer that you don't know if and when anything will ever occur and it makes the member, at least I speak for myself feel like what's the point. I would also recommend being in line with the market and quicker to move, I'm tired of hearing regulatory excuses and all the other bogus reasoning that you can't do these things, when other banks do it all the time. Ally raises interest rates like that, other banks, much smaller than you do it, they have better rewards, better rates, simplification and respond to customer desires and needs far quicker than you. Seems USAA wants to make the most money on the member, with not much benefit to the member.