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Thank you for that feedback, and please know that we share all member feedback with the appropriate team here at USAA. Thanks again!

Over the years we've had with USAA had been great! My husband recently passed away in November, and since he was the primary on the account, I wanted to switch to make myself the primary so that if I ever needed to make any calls or changes I could do that. Well, I contacted USAA to inform of the passing, they sent the widow packet out - great information received. Nevertheless, I submited the necessary documents to place me as primary, but since that documentation has been received, I have had my debt card deactivated twice (after receiving another new one), now to only have the account closed to no avail. No one can talk to the "back end" to get the issue resolved, all the while, my money is being held hostage, because not only do i not have a debt card, i don't even have an open account any longer!

So, no money because now i have to wait on a check to be mailed to me in 7-10 days!!!! Why couldn't this be resolved when i contacted the banking 2x before the closing of the account? Who knows, because I cannot get any type of response because the freaking account has now BEEN CLOSED!!!!!!

I'm so UPSET AND FRUSTRATED, and no accomadations are even being suggested...

Dear Star&D,

I am so very sorry for your loss and apologize for the trouble with your account during this difficult time. I have escalated your situation to a banking specialist who will be reaching out to you personally to make sure everything is resolved regarding your accounts. Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community.


Thank you for your condolences.


As of 2:30 CST, I still have to hear from anyone. However, I did call this morning and spoke with a rep who advised me that the account was indeed closed out, and the other customer service reps were incorrect on telling me that it was a possiblity of stopping that process. However she did assist me in getting another account open, leaving everything the same outside of the account information. It still didn't fix the issue of me having no funds until the check is received.


I am very disappointed in the situation and how it was handled, but USAA is a great bank and I everytime I've reached out for any assistance, they have found a way to assist me in one way or another.

Okay, my take. PRO: 1. Transferring money from outside accounts. So far it has been immediate access instead of waiting two days for the Fed. 2. ATM friendly! Refund of fees. No fees at many machines! CON: 1. Bill pay. Mostly fine, but when setting up Vectren I hit a snag. The program said that USAA '...has a relationship with....' Vectren, or something like that. Okay, enter the account number and USAA fills in the rest. For electronic payment overnight. When I went to pay it, it showed electronic all the way--until I finalized payment. It reverted to sending a check. Two months in a row, then it reverted to electronic. Duke Energy did not do that. I quit entering more payees. 2. Customer Service Message. I asked why bill pay acted weird with Vectren when you "have a relationship?" got a boilerplate answer that checks are sent until they are sure it is correct, or something like that. Oh yeah? What about Duke Energy? CS doesn't research before they answer. 3. My biggee complaint. When you pay a bill, transfer money, or anything on Chase, the transaction is "Funded" right away. It is reversible until processed. BUT, it shows a TRUE balance all the time. Like a check register. I had the same conversation with Old National Bank manager. Their answer was I ought to keep a written register. What's the point of on line then? I opened this account for two reasons. I was getting a non-reward CC and I was going to get insurance from USAA. The later did NOT happen. Do you want some REAL input? Start a thread on trying to get an insurance quote from USAA before committing!

You are confused about BillPay.


Like virtually every other bank, USAA uses an outside vendor to handle BillPay operations. I don't know the name of the vendor USAA uses, but let's just call them Bill Company for the sake of simplicity.  Bill Company is THE largest play in the market and it's used by the vast majority of banks including Bank of America, Discover Bank, Citibank, Navy Federal Credit Union and many, many more.  It is not Chase's vendor.  


The vendor controls the entire process and the bank just provides an interface. 


Further, you are confused about how Chase handles BillPay.  Yes, they "debit" your account right away, but, in fact, that debit is fake.  If you have $100 in your account and schedule a BillPay for $50, Chase will show you a $50 balance.  However, if before the BillPay is actually processed a check for $75 hits your account, the check is paid and your BillPay is cancelled.  The same happens if you go to an ATM and withdraw $75. 



To the best of my knowledge the vendor is Fiserv, formerly known as CheckFree. 


Disclaimer:  Fiserv was a client of mine, but I had nothing to do with their relationship with USAA. 

Any idea how that relationship works?  I mean, I don't see how the bank earns any money with BillPay. 

BillPay reduces the number of physical checks that customers write, and that the bank has to process. This saves money to the bank.

@ RobertFL:  Thanks!