Tell us about your checking account experiences!

Thank you Coffee Man, we love to hear that! Or bank is aware of the need of business checking and is working on making that happen for members. Thanks again for the nice comment, have a an awesome weekend! :-)

I wish I could say that I had a similar customer service experience as you both had, Coffee Man and Phantom Cobra. I am still waiting to hear back from a rep who called only due to my comments on this post, NOT the calls that I placed to USAA in general regarding my situation. My husband was right - posting top this forum will garner some attention from reps. Yet, I am still waiting to hear a rep say that they "hear" my suggestions and apologize for the inconsistent treatment over the phone. It's that simple. I want to have a good experience. I want to respect and brag about USAA. I want to feel respected in return. However, I am still waiting for the good customer service you are attest to receiving. Wish me luck!

Hi Ms. M,

Our records show that a banking specialist attempted to call on 10/20 & 10/21, as well as following up with a message with a point of contact information. Please do not hesitate to reach out to this specialist with any additional concerns. Thank you!

Hi, Ms. Hartzell.

Thank you for your reply. My records indicate those attempts at notifying me as well. My records also indicate my three returned phone calls and messages that including the times that I am not at work when I can receive calls from USAA. I am awaiting Mr. Garcia's return phone call to my three messages on his extension. I have also responded to his message in my messages center. When he has time, he will return my call, I'm sure. Thank you!
USAA's free checking account is so much better than anything I've found at community banks. It really fits my needs perfectly. Free checks, free postage-paid deposit envelopes, super easy website, electronic bill paying, friendly phone service -- everything is so much better than the bricks-and-mortar banks in my area. I don't write many checks but I use my USAA checking account regularly for bill paying, both automatic and one-time charges. I'm fortunate that we have a lot of stores in our area with free ATMs, so even though USAA reimburses for ATM fees anyway, I'm covered two times over. After using my USAA checking account for more than a decade, I can't imagine why I would ever return to local bricks-and-mortar bank. I do almost all of my financial services through USAA: banking, investments, insurance, and more, and the free checking is one of the many great services I've come to enjoy with my 34 years of USAA membership. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your feedback, KeystoneDave. We truly do appreciate it!

Here's a disaster story for you - I have a joint checking account with you that I am interested in turning into a single account. The first person I spoke to today said can't be done because your ex-husband is primary on the account. Then I called back to check on the credit card and was transferred to the marital status change service center. They said no problem, the other person was completely wrong, etc., etc., etc. They said they would call my ex-husband and get his permission to be removed from the joint checking account and send new signature cards, etc. Then after being on the phone for quite a while they said, oops, you are not primary you can be removed but he can not. Really? Apparently it can be done - but by USAA policy only if he dies. Uh huh. So then he gets a call from USAA asking his permission to remove him from the joint checking account to which he grants permission and they tell him he has been removed. This makes no sense so I call back and they say no, that person made a mistake. Really? Every other bank has been great through this divorce experience .... except USAA. Discover Bank, Citibank, Ally, Wells Fargo - check. All fantastic. USAA - goodbye. I can not bank with a company that is so confused and disorganized. I know that this negative review will go no where ... but hopefully someone in management will read it and recognize that USAA has lost it's edge. I am now a single mom who has to change direct deposit, mortgage, credit card, utilities, and about 20 other billers to another account - one at a time and manually. And yes, that means I am using this opportunity to end my 20 year relationship with USAA. What are the chances this movement of all those transactions is going to go well? Not very high I'd say. Thanks a lot USAA. You really know how to make things hard on your customers.



I have responded to your initial comment here. Thank you.

USAA USED to be great! Now i have come to expect nothing more than people reading a script. Customer serivce is the poorest of the poor. And this goes all the way through to the top and back down. From the first rep you speak to the last in "Executive Resolutions". All of it!

I have had accounts with USAA for many years.  I have put my daughter on my accounts in case something happens to me and she needs to access my accounts.  I am 83.


USAA has been sending MY statements to my daughter, whose name is different from mine.  I called in and complained and was assured this would be fixed.


I was told that this happened because my daughter applied for a credit card, which she denied.  Currently, I received

a letter from USAA addressed to my daughter, but at my address.


These accounts are MINE...why are you sending stuff to my daughter when she has her OWN accounts at USAA?


I don't consider this "fixed."  What is so difficult about this?  What happened to customer service?


Nancy Mitchell