Tell us about your checking account experiences!

Thank you for such thorough feedback 727. your input is greatly appreciated here and in your other posts in the community! Thank you!!

I really do not like USAA. We had Navy Federal before we took out a career starter loan and had to do our banking with USAA. I feel that they take advantage of us through NSF fees.  If I mak a cash deposit before 1800 MST they will hold the CASH allow charges to come through unpaid assess a NSF fee and then credit the cash the next business day.  Unfortunately, we are barely making ends meet and USAA it is a total disservice to our military family.  I can not wait until this loan is paid off because I will run with bells back to Navy Federal Credit Union who did not take advantage of us.  I hope that a class action suit is filed on USAA and just like they did to Bank of America for the deregoratory practices upon faithful serving military personnel.  In addition, our insurance is a joke.  I filed a home claim because our window was leaking and the adjuster told me that they were busy with claims from Texas; essentially alluding that my incident was not a priority.  News flash I am not in Texas and I am sorry that natural disasters occured but it is not affecting me and should not be mentioned while I have an issue.  She decided to transfer the claim because after her horrible research she thought we had filed a claim already.  You could of looked in the file to see when we purchased our home.  The local CO adjuster she sent to deter fraud came and told us to simply caulk the window flapper with silicone.  He never looked at our roof which was a concern from the hail storm and came saying didn't you already file a claim for this.  What the heck????  I am totally dissatisfied with the Horrible service that I have received from USAA.  

Recently, I spoke with an account rep in Executive Solutions re: a situation with a stop payment request that was incorrectly placed on a series of my checks. I wrote about 5 checks to different businesses/people and did not know the stop payment order was in place for these checks. When someone I wrote a check to notified me, I contacted USAA and we discovered it was a mistake on USAA's part. The rep stated that any amount that a bank charged one of the people that I wrote checks to would be refunded by USAA; I merely had to notify USAA once I learned of the fees incurred. Three of the checks were charged fees of $10, $5, and $12; each of these amounts was refunded by USAA.



When I contacted an Executive Solutions rep last week about the final two checks' fees of $25 each, the rep stated that I needed a notice from the establishment that stated they charged me for the fees and that I paid them AND THAT I NEEDED TO CONTACT THE COMPANY AND THEN USAA TO ARRANGE for a REFUND. After two weeks plus and serious financial complications, why did I need to do the "legwork" for USAA and why was I told to do so as if it was my problem, not theirs, implying that it was my fault to begin with?


I contacted the company via phone call, drove to their establishment to speak to them to make sure they understood, drove back to retrieve the letter as they are a technology-free small business, and then came home to post the document as requsted by USAA.


What concerns me most is that USAA did not have consistent procedures in place for this situation. It was not my fault that this stop payment order was placed on a series of checks of mine, yet there was no form letter sent on my behalf to the businesses/people I wrote the checks to explaining the mistake and requesting documentation of fees incurred. I had to spend my time contacting them, explaining the situation, promising them that I was "good" for the money, and then waiting for them to tell me the fee they incurred from their bank due to the stop payment check.


In the future, if USAA makes a mistake with my account, I would appreciate USAA spending their time to correct it, not using me to rectify the situation. I do not work for USAA. Of course, I value my good name and my relationships with the businesses I wrote checks to so I managed the situation. I contacted the companies and I spent time on the phone making USAA aware of the fees and requesting compensation for them.


The first person in Executive Resolutions that I dealt with regarding the mistake was professional, thorough and compassionate. The last rep that I dealt with named Belinda was cold, abrupt and dogmatic. When I ask you why USAA is not helping me fix the problem and is not making me happy, do NOT respond with, "Well, we refunded the fees to you, didn't we?" Do you want accolades for doing the bare minimum required of you as a bank??? Is that how you speak to all veterans' families? With disdain?


My husband, a Marine, and I have had less than stellar experiences in the past year with USAA. Our first reaction was to simply change our home owners insurance to a new company. I do not want to change banks as well. Also, please respond. When you leave a message or we miss your call, please be sure to answer when we call that extension back, especially less than two minutes after your initial call. All last week my husband tried to return calls to a particular extension and no one ever answered even a minute or two after the missed call. Thank you for your time.

Dear Ms. M,


Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback about the stop payment on your checks. We will be in contact with you personally to discuss your experience in more detail and take steps to ensure matters are handled more effectively in the future. Thank you again for taking the time to comment here in the community.

I am content with my USAA checking account.  One thing I would like to see, however, is a stand-alone overdraft line of credit.  

So what was the resolution? This is exactly the type of non response noted in the first series of posts in this subject.

I agree with fullbird an od loc product line should be in the product offering. Also bring the cash back on debit cards ;)

I originally opened my membership back in the mid 60s and have had a banking relationship off and on since then.  The most recent spell has been about 20-25 years.  I banked elsewhere when I was in the military because the NFCU generally had better access on base outside the USA and it was long before computers.  Now that USAA is more convenient with computers, I have been with USAA for my BACKUP checking and savings.  I can find everything else a LOT cheaper elsewhere with better results as well.


I don't expect USAA to match every low cost business out there but there are some things I believe USAA could do better with competitively.  For instance, and I have mentioned this before in the community, why does USAA pay the same 'nothing' as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, Chase and all the other banks who don't care about their customers?  I am talking the 'nothing' of 0.1% interest.  There are other banks paying over 1%.  The one I am with does not have all the other income sources like insurance and brokerage so it would seem USAA could at least pay HALF what the high interest banks pay.  But to be no better than the worst banks out there?


The brokerage needs work.  If someone is trying to get started, the fees eat the investor alive.  It is nearly impossible to make any gains unless you have at least $5,000 to start.  Where I buy my stocks, they limit which stocks I can buy to around 100-150, but they charge me no buy or sell fees (the stocks are well recognized, like Apple, Activision, AMC Theaters, Budweiser, etc).  They also do not charge an annual maintenance fee.


The real reason I have stayed with USAA as long as I have is that MOST of the time, I get excellent service on the phone or chat.  My main bank does the same but doesn't offer insurance.  I would like to see USAA pick up mobile home insurance for a reasonable rate.  Foremost isn't exactly cheap and I could buy my place all over again with the premiums over 10 years or so. 


For all insurance I'd like to see more emphasis on the history of the owner for rate determination.  Why should my credit score make any difference?  The credit score is a very incomplete gauge of a person's real ability to pay anyway (for instance my credit score is based on how much of my credit I use but does not take into account my savings is large enough to pay off ALL the debt).  And I get negative comments on my credit for not having a mortgage?  I would think I'd have extra points for not having a mortgage and owning my place outright!


Bottom line is I would like to see USAA go back to being very competitive and get the customer service back to where it used to be (after reading all the complaints).  Have the fees be near the smallest and the interest earned near the highest.  Teach customer service the old adage that until proven wrong, the customer is always right (understanding there is a limit to how much risk the bank wants to accept).


One last thing.  USAA did not raise my interest rates on my credit cards when the economy went soft.  Years ago, even though I had a long time account with a retail store (and no payment issues), they doubled my interest on the store card just because "times were tough".  Was that MY fault?  USAA continues to earn interest off me at what is a reasonable level for unsecured debt.





Phantom Cobra,


Great feedback, thank you so much for sharing with us. I will be sharing this feedback with our banking partners, We truly do value your feedback and thank you for posting in community.

I've been with USAA for almost 30years. I've continued doing business here for a variety of reasons, but the #1reason...customer service! The one issue I would like from USAA is to offer Small Business Checking and Savings Accounts! I own 2 businesses and the frustration of dealing with these banks, boils my blood with their careless attitude. I want to put my money where customer service is a priority. That for me is USAA!