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Finding dependable banking is critical to managing your money. We are interested to hear about your past experiences with checking accounts at USAA -- or anywhere!


  • What worked?
  • What did you do the most/least?
  • What did you like the most/least?

If you switched to a new bank, what made you do it?


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All USAA has to do is read the many, many, many, comments that are already included in the Member Community. By asking for new replies, USAA shows it has been ignoring all of the previous complaints in the Member Community. When a reply from USAA is posted, it is the usual 1.) so sorry for your problem, and 2.) we will raise your complaint up the ladder. WE NEVER HEAR BACK IF THE MEMEBER RECEIVED ANY REAL HELP. I fail to see any logic to making any new replies, when USAA fails to resolve the hundreds of existing complaints in the Member Community.
Long Member,
Thank you for participating in Member Community and for your long time membership. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with this feedback. You are right about abundant feedback already present in the community, which we have read, responded to and compiled.
This effort is in hopes to improve our checking services and hoped with posting a new thread we could get another round of feedback, thoughts and suggestions (like the one you posted). We are continually striving to improve our service and our interaction in community in order to better serve our members. When member issues are surfaced and addressed off of the community forum,  we are continually growing in our interaction with what we are able to share back in the community space as a resolution. We encourage members to leave their feedback, examples can be found here and here.
I would like to thank you again for your comments and for your feedback.


To Briana Hartzell of USAA: You said " ... which we have read, responded to and compiled". I emphasized a question that I am sure all of the members want to know. x What was the end result or help that USAA provided to the members with problems. Just showing us the member problems and your stock answers does evoke any confidence. x Results and solutions are what USAA members really ant, not stock response. Again I ask, What was the end result or help that USAA provided to the members with problems. No where do I see any responses from USAA about actual solutions or results. Thank you.
Found some errors in my latest post. However, there is no way for me to correct the errors. I apologize for the errors.

This will be the first time that I've ever been unhappy with USAA in almost 40 years.  My ability to pay non-USAA bills completely disappeared and I've been receiving zero response to why.  I've contacted USAA over 15 times, since at least June, filed a grievance and have received zero responses.  I have no choice now except to switch banks. A few times customer service told me that they had identified the problem, but it would take a couple of days.  Whatever was done, didn't fix the problem and there was no follow thru. This occurred 3X.  I really wish I knew what happened to's just not the same bank.  We do everything thru USAA and now I'm wondering what else is going to go wrong.

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@Angry Member1, I can understand this is frustrating. I have located your information and will have this submitted to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Samantha 

This is very astute. People on not as likely to come back after things get fixed though. HOWEVER, reading all th posts instead of asking for new input makes more sense.

USAA does not post the result.  The member needs to go back in and post the result because the moderator does not know what happened.  Rarely does a member come back and post a result.

Phantom Cobra,

You are right, we would love to hear a follow up from each member's posts (from the member) and are trying to be better about circling back in the community to make sure each person gets what they need! Thank you for commenting!