Tell us about your checking account experiences!

Made a  conscious decision to get a better relationship with my checking and savings accounts; stopped using my debit card for fuel and dining out, pay cash instead!  It's uncomfortable but necessary and effective.

I have been very disappointed with my switch to USAA from Wells Fargo for my personal banking. First, I had to wait 30 days to be able to use the mobile deposit app to deposit checks from my phone. Then, my account is put on restriction because a transfer that I made from my previous Wells Fargo account to my USAA account was denied due to the Wells Fargo account having a hold on it (I had accidentally transferred money into that account, and was trying to take the same amount back out). 


Because of this denied transfer, my account has been put on restriction until "further notice". According to the rep I spoke with, the system does this automatically and they have no idea when my account will be taken off restriction. Until then, I have to trek to a UPS store to deposit my checks. 


Wow, love feeling like a kid in trouble when banking with you guys. 

OMG!  The nerve of USAA for getting skittish when you bounce transactions!!!

I prefer banks that charge a fee, not limit the customer's ability to use the banking services, particularly an online bank! 

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they prefer banks that charge a fee. 


To each his own I guess. 



I have asked a banking specialist to review this and reach out to you directly. They will be able to further assist you. Thank you for reaching out in Community.

Our USAA accounts were hacked 9 days ago.  The hackers got in a second time after we notified USAA.  USAA still has not made us whole and we are living on 1/10 our income.  I have discovered that 3 other people in our small 20 person office have also been hacked in the last 45 days.  Wondering two things:


   1) How widespread is this and are other's also experiencing similar issues -  (4 out of 20) is too high a probability of this occuring by chance.


   2) The thieves got into my account by using my military data that I don't think is available except through the OPM hack.  Has anyone else had direct issues with their lost data tied to their service?


I'm posting this because I want to send out an alert to other member and to identify how wide spread this issue is.

Dear Concerned28yrMember,

Thank you for your long time membership and for taking the time to share your feedback. A specialist will be reaching out to you to discuss the your concerns with your account. Thank you.

My experience with USAA has been absolutely great. I have no worries when it comes to the security of my funds in my accounts(s). If there are discrepancies, trust assured, all I have to do is make a call and it's resolved...ASAP! My husband and I both have encountered fraudulent activities to our accounts and USAA contact us immediately to verify if WE were aware of the transactions. Now that's how a financial institution is suppose to handle their members! A lot of banking features are available to use for those members who do not live in Texas. I've been with USAA nearly 15 years and I wouldn't dare allow another bank to handle my assets! I just love USAA!

USAA Service memebers rely on thier ATM cards becasue their are no branches available.

2015 - My checking account was hacked and erroneous charges appeared.  USAA automatically cancelled my credit card without notifying me.  They sent me a new card.  The very next month the same charges appeared on the old ATM card; not the new one.  Again, USAA cancelled my ATM card and sent me a new one.  The next month the same thing happeend and when USAA cancelled my credit card my family and I were on a trip and were left stranded without gas.  I called and customer service said "too bad too sad". I was told to "borrow money from someone nearby".  "Have a family member fly the money to me".  After 4 hours of phone calls a director at USAA finally opened my ATM card and let me get money so I would not be stranded with a 2 year old in the car.  Totally unnaccepatable.


2016 - This is currenlty happening again.  Last night my card was put on hold from USAA without any notification to me.  I was at a gas station at 9pm trying to make it home.


The first phone call to USAA said this was their policy when they suspect fraud; they dont have to contact me.


After 3 phone calls to USAA I finally was able to get someone to help me and take my card off hold.


If you are not being taken care of by an Ignorant USAA customer service rep; then call back until you do.


I want to know where the manager and leaders are at USAA.