Like many USAA members I'm preparing my 2015 tax return (using Turbotax through USAA.)  Unfortunately when I go to the USAA Tax Center (which is very helpful) a document I need is still posting the 2014 version.  Specifically the document in question is: USAA Mutual Funds Supplemental Tax Information.  This specific document articulates "Taxable Income from US Government Sources" which is helpful (necessary) when preparing a State return.  I look forward to the 2015 version being posted as soon as feasibly possible.  Again, I really appreciate the Tax Center on as a "one stop shopping" source for helpful information this time of year.




Thank you for that feedback, I will surely pass along to our team.



Thank you for reading my post.  My hope is you'll share my posting with the USAA team members responsible for publishing this important reference document.  I'm very comfortable making a thoughtful guess that I'm not the only USAA member waiting for this reference document at this time of the year.


Again let me say that the Tax Center is an invaluable "one stop shopping" link on

Of course, Art59. It is my pleasure to pass it along. We are happy to hear you find the Tax Center very helpful and strive to improve as well as maintain the information in an effort to support members. Thanks again for the feedback, it is very helpful!



Great News! This is now being updated on the site, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention!