makes sense, gosh.  you would be crazy to have enough money with USAA to earn more than $10 of interest.  Would earn 100-200% more with other banks.

I understand the law states the 1099-B, DIV, INT, MISC, OID can be as late as Feb 15.  That does not mean you should wait to provide them.  From a cyber point of view, the longer one waits to file their taxes the greater the chance a criminal files a false claim, thus preventing the real person.  With the LARGE data breaches of the past and the question the IRS asks referencing the same false claims, I believe we should all be in a rush to file and not awaiting the required documents.  Please protect your members and yourself by changing the tax document availability.

1099s for our brokerage account were due to be available on-line today, but aren't posted yet.  Where are they, and when will they be available.  Fidelity had theirs available last month.  Why is USAA a laggard?