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USAA has missed the deadline for posting 1099-INT online. kinda sucks when trying to get your taxes done. When will the forms be available online to download?  It's Feb 2nd and nothing.

From USAA:

USAA Bank Bank 1099-INT forms are mailed when $10 or more in combined interest is earned on all accounts registered in your name.

USAA Bank Tax Form Schedule for 2018


1099-INT, R, MISC01/3101/3101/31


Dear @Gilligan1967,


I am very sorry you have not received your 1099-INT. We want to help. Please initiate a chat with us to proceed.To initiate a secure online chat with our 24/7 chat team, select ASK USAA or Reach a Representative near the top of your account page. Or select Chat from the Contact Us options under HELP tab.- Jesse

Please allow me to join this conversation with another issue.  I'm patiently waiting for the three (3) mutual fund guides (2018) as follows:


1. State Tax Information for USAA Tax-Exempt Income

2. Taxable Income from U.S. Government Sources

3. USAA Mutual Fund Foreign Source Income


I've called USAA IMCO only to be told that I can expect these forms o/a 15 February.  Although 15 February is acceptable, in past years these forms were posted NLT 1 Feb (and usually earlier.)  I'm just a little frustrated as Turbotax asks for the information I extract from these supporting documents.


Is anybody else looking for these forms? 

Like you I have am waitying for two fo these three docs.  I've called several times and check daily but get no satisfactory response.  The last Rep said they should be out by the 15th. (11 days from that call). 

1. State Tax Information for USAA Tax-Exempt Income - missing from USAA website for 2018

2. Taxable Income from U.S. Government Sources - missing from USAA website for 2018

Yes this is always such a root canal trying to find these forms.  USAA should have like other brokerage websites a TAX tab that allows you to search and find these forms.  This shouldn't have to be so painful and wasteful of time to try to figure out what USAA called them this year.  Usually I resort to google and try to find it that way, but I am at the point to add my USGO info and my income by state and it looks like either USAA forgot to post these documents for us or they are under another cryptic name for the year.  Why does this have to be so difficult for USAA?  I work with four other main name brokerages, including who now USAA's is outsourced to and this information is EASILY searchable on their websites. It wastes so much of the client's time to go on a mission from God to find these forms each year from USAA.  WHY?????  I love USAA but the brokerage side makes it so difficult to do business with. 

@Sher7, I understand this is important to you. We will forward your concerns to a specialist for review. ~ Sam 

Me too!  Every year, like every other USAA member who has Tax-Exempt IMCO Funds needs a form called State Tax Information for USAA Tax-Exempt Income to make a little reduction in taxable income reported on a state tax return.  Every year, USAA's preparation of this form seems "late," becoming available  on USAA's website (but not in Member's Documents page).  This year is no different.  Suggestion:  Since every Member holding Tax-Exempt IMCO Funds needs this form, simply place the form automatically into the Members' Documents page, just as is done with every other USAA form or statement.  This would save Members from some annual frustration and would save a lot of telephone calls as well...


I am also looking.


Hello @Tax payer 2, you can find your banking tax documents online under your View Documents. If you select Bank and Tax your 1099-INT will be shown. Please let me know if you need any other assistance. -Colleen

Olde Pilot - I understand your concerns and will engage a specialist to address this matter. I appreciate your patience. - Jason