Tap Pay Debit Cards

Has anyone else wondered if we going to have the option to get Tap Pay Debit Cards
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As one who regularly travel to overseas for business and personal, Tap to Pay is the preferred method by merchants.  When using a non-tap card, a signature is required.  In addition, as more retailers go to self-checkout, the USAA card without tap is not able to be used at those locations.  BTW, all my other cards form other providers have gone to tap. 

@TravlerGuy, Appreciate the feedback and will forward this along ASAP. Keep an eye open, we do have a lot of things in the pipeline right now with our cards. ~Tom

Dear @CarKid9662


Thank you very much for checking on Tap to Pay cards. We currently have no plans to offer these in the near future. However, your question till be taken as a suggestion and we will collect it. Thanks for taking the time to share. - Jesse 

What’s the reason for not offering. Pricing or security? It’s seems to have become a standard to offer this so unsure on usaa reasons.

Hello @batman23, Appreciate you taking time to provide us with your feedback, We always value members, like yourself, who are keen to give us their feedback. I'll be sure to pass on what you have told me to the appropriate area. If necessary and if it proves to be beneficial for our members, as well as our company, an enhancement will be made. I hope future enhancements will better meet your needs. ~Sarah