Does anyone else find it ridiculous that we have to post to the community to find help with the issues we are having with USAA? I'm very frustrated with USAA at the moment after a weekend of dealing with them that left me in a worse financial situation than when I contacted them initially. I was told to post to the community because they are monitored and I could raise awareness of my issue and there was no guarantee of support.

13 Years and I'm seeing a different company than when I first signed on...


Hello @Nier, Thank you for posting to our Member Community. It's concerning to know you're disappointed with us and we'd like the opportunity to see how we can assist. 

I will forward your message to have your concerns reviewed by the appropriate area. 


We appreciate your long-time membership and are here to help resolve any issues or concerns you may have. ~ Lori C

You are correct. I'm not sure what has changed other than leadership, but the product and attitude of the company has definitely changed for the worse. No answers are available like before, and now platitudes and apologies abound, but little in the way of help. As you read the posts, note the length of membership of the folks lamenting and leaving. I will need to experience the old world class service to return. I will keep checking and hoping, but right now I hold out little hope.

Posting to community might get you a call (or not) if/when it's sent up to a specialist and that specialist wants to contact you. USAA's messaging service (when you log in to your acct) is not user friendly. It's the worst setup I've ever seen in my 24+yrs in IT. Maybe, they'll improve it in the next 10yrs.

USAA: No need to refer to anyone except maybe your IT Dept as an observation.

@USAF_Ret Thank you for your valuable feedback. I am submitting your feedback so that your voice is heard. Please know that we are listening. -Meredith

I have been a USAA member for 35 years, but I've finally had enough.  From banking to insurance to trying to get someone on the phone, it's an epic cluster every time.  Today I tried to change the monthly transfer amounts to my 3 kids in college - from $100 to $150.  "I'm sorry, but we have to cancel the existing transaction and start over. ?" What? Now I have 8 pieces of paperwork and they told me to call back two days after I send it back because that's how long it takes them to get it?  

But what really gets under my skin is while I'm watching a once great company crash and burn, I have to endure the bombardment of advertisements.  Hey, USAA Board, how about we spend a little less money trying to recruit new members and more taking care of the members we already have.  Didn't anybody tell them we don't have shareholders?  The entire purpose of the company is supposed to be to serve existing members.  Again, I hoped it would change, but it continues to get worse.  I'm out.

Hello @smurphy and thank you for your 35 year membership. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah 

I suppose USAA is going to think I'm bluffing if I keep up with these posts about leaving, but when I can find the time it's HELLO Navy Federal.  Here is the latest USAA cluster:  Like many members, I managed my investments with USAA and was very happy with the service.  So, true to USAA decision-making, they sold my investments to Schwab.  Now I have cash that comes into my USAA checking account that I used to simply direct to investments with a drop-down transfer menu.  After 3 different tries to "Add Account" and three different reasons from USAA why it didn't work, I'm finally told by an agent today that the only way to do it is wire the funds?  Just to recap, USAA transferred hundreds of thousands of my dollars into a new account, and now says they are unable to allow me to trasfer my own cash into the same account?  WTF?  This is a new low in customer service even for USAA, where the ship has been sinking for several years.  Here's to hoping Navy Federal can do better.

@Smurphy, Been with USAA Banking since the mid 1980s until 2017.
Thought you had already made the move. I was in your situation about three years ago. Fortunately, I took my investments out of USAA and placed them at Vanguard. I did the paperwork (easy) from Vanguard's side without having to talk to anyone at USAA. Can you imagine the parental lectures I would have received from their advisors? I had enough with their ridiculously high cost ratios and low returns. Moved all my banking back to NFCU since I've been a member with them since the late 1970s. Never had an issue. Now my direct deposits go to NFCU and they send what I want to Vanguard on a monthly basis. 👍 The only thing I have remaining is my auto/homeowners insurance. By auto premium just went up again as I expected. My Hm policy has another 6mo remaining. I plan to assess my relationship when that premium comes up for renewal. 👍

Shop around.  USAA's insurance rates can easily be beaten.