It was inconvenient to find a UPS store to make a cash deposit, but now when you call customer service and ask how to use and where are ATMs we can use to make deposits - good luck. The first time we called referred us to a gas station. Finally now the referred is to a bank ATM, but they could tell us the name of the bank.


Texaninexile, I regret any frustration with the options available for making cash deposits. At this time the best option we have for cash deposits is to convert the cash into a money order then use Deposit@Mobile to make the deposit into your account. I used our ATM locator and did not find ATM locations in your area that accept cash deposits at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your feedback on this matter has been collected and shared with our team in an effort to make improvements in this area. Thank you. - Rhonda