After TWO FICTIOUS checks were somehow deposited into my accounts totaling almost $9000 using the @Mobile app, followed by a Remittance Transaction to withdraw about $995 and deposited into a foreign account I have battled USAA and cannot get them to understand that I am not the perputrator but rather the victim in this ordeal!  They continue to be in denial that their system is vulnerable to nefarious actors.  After thinking that this issue was resolved and I felt very happy about that and my faith in USAA was renewed I tried to use the mobile app to deposit real live pay checks of mine only to find out that I am restricted from using that app until I have "earned" the "privilege" again.  I wish to remind USAA that I have allowed them the privelege of using my money to fund their business for over 37 years.  I also wish to remind USAA that their responsibility is a fuduciary one.  They have violated the confidence that I had in them with my money.  And they are now just another bank.  They are no longer elite.  They are no longer appreciative and I urge every USAA member to rethink their continuing to use this bank.  I am disappointed, I am insulted and I will no longer allow USAA to attack my integrity as a former U.S. Air Force Officer.




Thank you for your service and for your long time membership.


I have sent your comment over to a banking specialist for further review and they will be reaching out to you personally to discuss your mobile deposit situation. Thank you.


*To protect your personal information I have removed your last name from your post. Thank you