I was attempting to resolve one issue. The CSRs were not able to resolve simple issue. The advertisements to attract veterans and service members are more priority than providing services to existing customers


@janus1978, I'm sorry to learn that your issue was not resolved by phone. Excellent service is still a top priority for USAA. I'd like to see if I can help. What was the reason for the phone call? ~DC

Payment reversal. If the payment would not be received by November 25th, I am thinking about depositing my money with Navy Federal Credit Union, canceling insurance with USAA and closing safe deposit as soon as I return to Texas.

@janus1978, thank you for your reply with additional information. I understand that you require assistance with a payment reversal. I will share your concerns with the appropriate USAA team. Please allow some time for a thorough review of the situation. ~DC

What kind of bank usaa became? Called customer service on Monday, chatted with csr however my issue was not resolved. Tomorrow is thanksgiving and usaa closed. Friday would be closed, weekend it does not work. So to resolve issues with usaa I should wait a month or more? Really? I would have to cancel my automatic payments and insurance with usaa and look for another bank.
@Janus1978, At least NFCU reps are available via telephone 24/7. Do yourself a favor and make that effort and take the jump. You'll be happier in the long run. I jumped ship three years ago. Yes, USAA gives you the runaround, but that should just serve to strengthen you determination to make a change. Don't let it hold you back. This institution banks on the hope that many will just say it's too much trouble and continue to accept the current state of affairs. 😉 In a couple months, I plan to look at other insurance options. Keep us posted. 👍
Thank you very much Brother. I changed to NFCU my direct deposit five minutes ago, but not sure if December 1 check would be deposited into NFCU. If it would be deposited to USAA I would withdraw all money that day.
No need to be in hurry. I canceled my insurance policy with USAA. But first step was to change direct deposit from usaa to NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION. As soon as I pay off my bills with usaa I would close completely my accounts. I thought Wells Fargo was the worst bank but history proved otherwise - usaa became the worst of worst
@Janus1978, that's the way to do it. 👍 I never allowed USAA to pay my bills. Good idea to wait 1-2 cycles go by with NFCU to make sure you don't get any surprises by USAA. Make sure you obtain written confirmation of account closures, because USAA has a habit of reopening accounts. There's information about that on the internet.