I think I have came to the decision to leave USAA and go to a regular bank. Without being able to access a atm for deposits and the UPS store giving me the run around, I'm just tired of it.


You can't be USAA on banking. You can't beat free! I maintain a savings account at a local bank in the event I need to deposit cash. My account is linked with USAA so I then can transfer the money. Checks I can easily sponsor through the mobile app and funds are immediately available. I can't imagine ever leaving USAA.
Ugh. On my phone. Should be "checks I can easily deposit "

Hi Polo86,

Keep in mind, USAA offers Deposit@Home and Deposit@Mobile as convenient deposit options. Before you decide to take such action such as switching banks, please contact us at 1800-531-USAA (8722) to discuss additional deposit options. Thank you for posting in the community

I don't use checks for security reasons so I deposit with cash but the UPS store here in my area isn't very experienced at the their job and I prefer atm machines where I can do deposits.