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I am curious if anyone has actually received their subscriber's account refund after canceling USAA insurance policies. I canceled my Auto and Home insurance in Feb 22 after USAA failed to make good on my auto policy claim for a windshield, then they lied to me, then they just ignored all my communication within the claims center and the assigned claims agent never returned any of my calls. I have been with USAA since 2001, but after this - it was the final straw after many recent years of poor service; especially with USAA insurance departments for home and auto. I actually found a much better rate for both products with another insurance company. (I had to edit out the name of the company because USAA's forum bots prohibited me from naming the other agency... interesting) with much more coverage. I had stayed with USAA before because they promised the best service and premiums. That turned out to be another lie. So, when I canceled my account the agent stated that it looked like I would get my subscriber's account refunded in six months because I did not have a balance on my insurance accounts. When I asked how much she had told me it would be the amount that I received on my last subscriber's account statement. Six months went by and I contacted USAA again, they told me it was being sent at the end of August - never sent, never received. September has now come and gone and still nothing. I chatted with a CS person online on 22 Sept 22 so I could get the conversation in writing this time. During that conversation, the person I chatted with told me that yes, I was due the balance of my subscriber's account, and that it was actually six months from the time the policies that I closed ended - which was 31 Mar 22 and that the check would be sent by mail after the 27th of Sept. Which in reality could be the 28th or 10 years from now. I did not press the person at that time because they were being incredibly vague about the whole matter and avoided some of my questions all together. I called yesterday and the person I spoke with then, I asked for clarification and they "could not" give me any information. I feel like USAA is being very evasive and it is making rethink my entire involvement with the company still because I still bank with them. It is not appropriate to be jerked around and lied to while waiting follow-through; after all, the subscribers accounts are a small bag of potatoes of dividends compared to the billions of dollars USAA profits from our loyalties. This can all be found in the USAA's bylaws, but good luck finding out much more info. Seems very shady that USAA cannot give me a straight answer on when I will receive the Subscriber's Account Refund and how much it will be for. Why all secrecy USAA? Also if anyone has received their refund after canceling their insurance, some insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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@sad123 - after we canceled our parents' insurance, we did receive the balance of their subscriber account.  It was a good 7 months from the time of cancellation until we received the check.  I am sorry for your frustrations; USAA is just not quite the same as it was in previous times.