Subscriber Account deposit

Last week a representative of USAA posted in a conversation here that deposits would be made by December 20th. I have been checking our account and there is nothing from the SSA. Can someone at USAA exercise some honesty and accountability and explain what is really going on? We have been members for decades and have seen the decline of what used to be an extraordinary banking company into another ‘big box’ bank abyss of bad service, long phone wait times and lack of incentives to keep anyone banking here.
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I called about this today. Honestly, the person had no idea what I was talking about. And try to find out through the automated menu. Not happening. Very strange.

Hello @Joseph M, this is concerning to read and I would like to share your feedback for further review. If you could please private message your phone number for any additional information and follow-up. -Paula

Oh, I've seen the history since December 12th when it said a distribution had been processed.  Still nothing in my account.....

I appreciate you reaching out @Skeeter1, and definitely want to see how I can help. Please private message your phone number so I can assist you further. Thank you. -Paula 

@memberAZ, thank you for your membership with USAA and allowing us to serve your insurance needs.  I do appreciate you to continuing to monitor your account for your disbursement, as distributions are still being processed through the week.  Please continue to review your USAA inbox for communications as well as your View Distribution History through  ~Marco

The 'history' demonstrates that the disbursement should have been made days ago, as it has been done for years. What is really disturbing is that all of us get the same 'cut and paste' reply from USAA and no definite answer. The lack of transparency  is remarkably troublesome.

Just inquired about mine, because under my subscriber's account under distributions:   IT shows mine was done on 12/12/21. I asked about that and they said that was when it was processed but not sent to the bank.


This sort of stuff makes me want to change all my insurance and get my entire Subscribers account money in  6 months.  Some people have a few hundred, some have 10+ thousand  Personally I have over $6k in mine.  and If they struggle to pay out even $250 bucks then I'm worried that my $6K might be in danger.


My loyalty to USAA only goes so far.


Still no deposit as of this morning.  How about a response from USAA that actually tells us when the deposit will be made?

Hello @Skeeter1* I'm sorry for the frustration with your distribution. There is a delay and I apologize for any inconvenience. So that we can discuss any additional info, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-531-8722 Mon-Fri 6am-10pm and Sat 8am-8pm CST. We'll get you connected with the best team who can assist further. -Lori

Have called three times now and USAA just says there is a delay.  I really can't believe how poorly (incompetently) USAA is handling this issue.

@Skeeter1, I certainly understand your concerns and frustration. Distributions will continue through this week so please be on the look out. You can view your distribution history online. Once logged in on a desktop >click on your initials at the top >scroll down to Receiving Money >click View Distribution History. Thank you. -Cynthia

Marco, at USAA is just cut and paste at this point.  Read his consistant replies....

Agree 100%, USAA needs to let members know what is going on and when this will  be resolved.

USAA's CEO's team said they experienced an accounting software issue.