We are over the hill in student loans from co-signing with our children. The can seem to find a job during this pandemic. How can I reduce the interest and try to get back on track.


I can certainly understand the strain of student loans, @Myhoney3. While I'm not a financial advisor, you can check out these links that may help answer some questions and give some options and advise for help. Try https://www.usaa.com/advice/how-to-pay-off-debt/ and https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/advice-finances-takechargeofdebt. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. - Cathleen

I have several student loans that are serviced by FedLoan.  I have not had to make a payment during then pandemic and will continue till September 2021.  FedLoan has Income-Driven Repayment (IDR) Plans: 

- Pay As You Earn (PAYE)

- Income-Based Repayment (I've been on this for years)

- Income-Contingent Repayment (ICR)

- Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) 

Ask your loan servicer if they have similar plans or call FedLoan at (800) 699-2908 and see if they can help.  Good luck.