My wife payed a bill with a check for over $400 in October.  We mailed the check, but apparently the mail isn't as secure as the elections officials want us to believe, because the check never made it to its destination.  We have written a new check and wanted the first to be voided.  Apparently that is a $30 fee.  Ok, i get that banks have fees; but that doesn't stop the check forever, just for the next 6 months.  So unless I want to pay another $30 the check becomes good again after 6 months.  This is insane; I have to perpetually pay USAA $30 every 6 months to make sure this check never gets cashed!!!  I looked this up, and other banks have either done away with the fee, and/or made the check voided permanently.  Legally, there is absolutely no reason USAA has to have the 6 month time limit; except to force me to pay another $30.  As a bank that is supposed to be about helping its members, this seems like a really easy way to help me out, instead of creating a problem that wasn't needed.

I called today to get piece of mind about this $400; so that I wouldn't worry it would be drawn out of my account at some future date.  I left upset that USAA is using this opportunity to force me to pay fees and still hasn't given my the piece of mind I was after.  I guess they really don't care about my years of membership.  That is just something they force the customer service reps to say at the end of the call.


@DissatisfiedCustomR, thank you for sharing your concerns. I regret that our stop payment fee and timeframe did not provide piece of mind. As a member of 16 years, your feedback is extremely valuable, and I will share your concerns with the appropriate USAA team for review. ~DC

I wouldn't blame the mail. I sent USAA documents in March, they claimed they never received. anything you try do do to lower your rates, they're against it!!