A joke of a financial institution.

Had 3 direct ACH deposits that I was waiting on. Realized in my error, I gave the issuer my USAA home owner's insurance policy number instead of my USAA checking account number.

After MANY phone calls (made after my initial phone call to them and investigation) a customer service agent slipped and told me the money had actually been deposited to someone else's checking account. I had been told several times before this that "legally" they couldn't tell me what happened to my money, even though they see where it went. And that it would eventually "bounce back to me".

Turns out, my USAA home owner's insurance policy number is also the SAME exact number as a some other USAA member's checking account number. There does not seem to be any second identifiers used when money is deposited-no verifying member's names, birthdates, addresses, etc.

In a world of infinite possibilities for account and policy numbers, USAA has decided that they would not prevent duplicate numbers from being issued. After my last complaint to them I was told that the decision made after my formal dispute resulted in the "odds not being in my favor" and that they could not remove money from a member's account once it is deposited.

Despite having documentation from the issuer that the three very specific deposits, including the date of deposit, the amounts, and how long I have been a member with this other company, USAA refuses to be of any help to me. Again, odds weren't in my favor, but I didn't know this was a game, and I didn't know my money was at risk of being given to someone else.

I have spent countless hours on this since July. I have closed all of my USAA accounts, including my policies, and have filed an investigation with the BBB. USAA did contact me through the BBB, stating they would contact me within 2 business days to discuss this further. This email was dated 9/18/19 and it is now 9/26/19. My phones calls made to see why they have contacted me have just been ignored.

I am extremely disgusted with this bank. Yes, I realize I made a mistake giving my policy number and not my account number. But at the end of the day this bank is using the same numbers for two totally different types of memberships, for who knows how many unrelated people, with no regard to potential issues like this that can arise.

Not only have they told me they will they not return my money, but there is no way for me to take legal action to get my money back because bank member's private information and identities are protected. Huh...at least they are doing that right I guess.