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I recently opened an investment account with USAA. The mobile app as a whole world pretty well, but as I'm flexing my investment knowledge and muscle I need to be able to set stock alerts for when certain stock prices rise or drop above or below a certain price. I can do this on the computer at home, but I can't seem to be able to do it on the USAA mobile app. I don't have computer access at work and I need this functionality. Please help, or I may be forced to use another broker.


Dear Choppus,

At this time, members are only able to set up stock alerts on Please be on the look out for a message via member messaging for a more detailed explanation. Thank you for posting!

How does one go about cancelling stock alerts on USAA.COM after a sale? Cannot seem to crack that nut! Continuously receiving meaningless alerts. Thanks for your help in advance! JG

Has anyone gotten any information regarding adding/editing stock alerts?  I have tried using the link that is sent in my current stock alert e-mails, however it takes me to the main USAA page.  I tried under the "My Watchlist" tab, but it only allows me to add or delete stocks/funds that I am interested in.  When I go through the "News & Research" tab (via my investment account) it does not give me the option of editing an alert - it doesn't even show my current "Watchlist" that has the alerts.  Thanks in advance.